April 11, 2011 08:00 ET

University of Calgary Becomes First in Canada to Implement NanoInk's NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program

NanoProfessor Program Expands Students' Knowledge of Nanotechnology Through Hands-on Experience

SKOKIE, IL--(Marketwire - Apr 11, 2011) - NanoProfessor™, a division of NanoInk, Inc.® focused on nanotechnology education, announced today that the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada is the first school in Canada to implement the NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program. The University of Calgary's Nanoscience program aims to provide participants with working knowledge of nanotechnology and valuable exposure to cutting-edge instrumentation used to fabricate nanomaterials. The NanoProfessor Program helps the University of Calgary meet this objective by providing instrumentation, curriculum, and hands-on labs to expand students' understanding, skills, and real-world experience needed to succeed in the growing nanotechnology industry.

"We are proud to be the first school in Canada to implement the cutting-edge NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program. We are committed to providing our students with a meaningful education based on the principle of learning science by doing science," said David Cramb, Director of the Nanoscience program at the University of Calgary. "Not only does the NanoProfessor Program enhance our ability to provide students with a practical learning experience, but NanoInk's NLP 2000 Desktop Nanofabrication System allows us to expand our research capability through the versatility of Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®)."

"We are very pleased that the University of Calgary has selected the NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program to complement its existing nanoscience educational offerings," said Dean Hart, Executive Vice President at NanoInk. "Through this unique hands-on experience, students will gain the skills necessary to meet the growing demand for nanotechnology-savvy employees in the areas of medicine, materials, energy, electronics, biotechnology and more."

The NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program aims to expand hands-on nanotechnology education from the cleanrooms of research-based universities to undergraduate classrooms, and is especially well-suited to nanotechnology educational initiatives at the community college, technical institute, and undergraduate university level. The program alternates between classroom lectures and hands-on lab work and includes a textbook authored by leading nanotechnology experts, covering the topics of Nanotechnology Basics, NanoPhysics, NanoChemistry, NanoBiology and Environmental, Health, and Safety perspectives on nanotechnology.

During the hands-on lab experiments, students learn the fundamentals for building custom-engineered, nanoscale structures while working with state-of-the-art equipment including NanoInk's NLP 2000 Desktop NanoFabrication System, a student-friendly atomic force microscope (AFM), an advanced fluorescence microscope, and various chemical and biological materials used today within current and emerging nanotechnology applications.

For more information on how the NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program can be implemented at your community college, technical institute, high school or university, please call (847) 679-NANO (6266) or visit

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About the NanoProfessor™ Nanoscience Education Program
The NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program aims to advance the field of nanoscience and address the growing need for a skilled workforce of nanotechnologists. The NanoProfessor Program, including instruments, an expert-driven curriculum, and student/teacher support materials, is available for community colleges, technical institutes, and universities worldwide. More information is available at You can also follow NanoProfessor on Facebook® at

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