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Impulse Point

April 02, 2012 12:31 ET

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs Dramatically Improves Secure Wireless Network Utilization Rates With SafeConnect™ From Impulse Point

By Replacing Bradford With SafeConnect™ Utilization Rates Improved From 45% to Nearly 95%

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 2, 2012) - Impulse Point, provider of the industry's most scalable and easiest to deploy and maintain Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, today announced the University of Colorado Colorado Springs has seen a dramatic increase in its user satisfaction and utilization rates for its secure wireless network since implementing Impulse Point's SafeConnect NAC.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is one of the fastest growing universities in the nation and its' network serves more than 9300 students and 1500 faculty and staff members. Originally designed with a Bradford NAC solution, utilization rates of the University's WPA2 secure network were expected to exceed 90 percent, but network administrators discovered that nearly half of their wireless users (46%) were actually choosing to log into the unsecure guest network, rather than deal with the inconsistent quarantine policies and inflexible remediation procedures being enforced by the Bradford NAC.

Following the implementation of SafeConnect NAC, utilization rates on the secure network improved dramatically -- to over 92% on an average day. One of the main reasons for this improvement is the ease of implementation of SafeConnect's client. Where the old NAC client took nearly an hour to install, SafeConnect's proprietary policy key took UCCS students less than 10 minutes on average. This has led to a 37% reduction in help desk calls and a dramatic improvement in first call resolution for students calling with network access related concerns.

Scalability and Proactive Maintenance
Every semester, student-owned e-readers, mobile phones, tablets and even gaming and entertainment systems are utilizing wireless resources at a rate that is far outpacing the growth of the network and IT department. SafeConnect's scalability helps network administrators handle the load.

"Each year, the number of devices on our wireless network basically doubles. Our Bradford appliance was maxed out the way we had it configured with the persistent agent and 802.1x. By switching to SafeConnect, we went from an appliance that could handle 500 people at time to one that could handle 10,000," said Greg Williams, IT Security Principal.

SafeConnect's industry-exclusive proactive maintenance service delivery model helps the UCCS IT team by constantly pushing updates for new software automatically to both the network and users, without requiring administrator or user intervention. This reduced the amount of time and resources spent configuring devices and eliminated much of the troubleshooting that Williams and his team were regularly required to perform.

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