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September 28, 2010 06:00 ET

University in Dallas Signals High-Tech Future by Foregoing PCs for Pano Logic Zero Client Computing

The University of North Texas Dallas Equips the First New Building in Grand Expansion Plan With Pano Logic to Eliminate Costly PC Refresh Cycles and Reduce Support Expenses

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 28, 2010) -  Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization, today announced the University of North Texas Dallas (UNT) has adopted Pano Logic desktop computing to transform Dallas's first public, degree-granting university into a leading edge technology driven institution. In mapping today's technology choices to the future direction of campus growth, UNT Dallas IT administrators opted to fully centralize student computer resources, using the Pano Logic zero client platform. The decision to move away from PC computing to zero client computing will supply students and administrators with the best possible computing experience, while drastically reducing the high cost of PC maintenance, support and refresh cycles.

UNT Dallas is one of more than 400 schools, governments and businesses that have achieved dramatic reductions in computing total cost of ownership (TCO) of as much as 80 percent by adopting zero client desktop virtualization from Pano Logic. 

The Unveiling of UNT Dallas:

At its opening this fall, UNT Dallas became the city's first public university and is emerging as a force for educational and economic development in Southern Dallas County, where students have had little access to higher education. The campus had been operating as a satellite of the University of North Texas, the flagship of a regional system, since 2000.

In designing the technology infrastructure that would support both immediate and long-term growth, Brian Walker, the University's Network Administrator, determined that supporting hundreds of PCs and paying for regular refresh cycles was already too much of a drag on IT resources. He instead applied the money budgeted for 300 new PCs, for both existing and new student computer labs, toward the purchase of a Storage Area Network and 300 Pano Logic virtual desktops. Demonstrating how much further the budget stretched when applied toward Pano Logic virtual desktops, consider the SAN will not only support the 300 end users but also the planned digitizing of the campus library.

The newest building in the university's growth plan -- a three-story, 100,000-square-foot, $41.8 million facility comprising classrooms, faculty offices and the school's W.W. Caruth Jr. Dallas Police Institute -- opened in August. Four student computer labs are equipped with Pano Logic zero client virtual desktops as is the research library, open to the public. Walker also replaced the PCs in four student computer labs in an existing facility with Pano Logic. 

Supporting comments:

  • "Our campus is planning for future growth that will one day support 30,000 students, a huge increase from today's enrollment of 3,000, and we need flexible technology solutions that will support a broad range of new tools while not draining our IT resources," Walker said. "That future does not include PCs. By centralizing all computing where it can be more easily managed and supported, and by replacing troublesome endpoint devices like PCs or thin clients with a zero client that requires not even a second thought, Pano Logic has gained a major foothold in our growth trajectory."

  • "Brian and his team at UNT Dallas have shown amazing foresight in foregoing PCs and so-called thin client computing, by upgrading the university to Pano zero client computing," said John Kish, CEO of Pano Logic. "When you can provide end users with the user experience they expect, and eliminate the need to manage those endpoint devices, the decision is easy. The UNT IT team is realizing the tremendous freedom that comes from plugging in our zero client device and walking away, while the UNT board is realizing the tremendous cost savings." 

Pano Logic Zero Client Computing:

  • Pano Logic solves major problems created by distributed PCs, limited terminal services, and repurposed thin clients or related architectures, while providing end users with the best possible user experience, and IT managers with a simple, open hypervisor-agnostic platform to deliver desktop computing.

  • End users connect to their virtual machine via a zero client that contains no processor, no operating system, no memory, no drivers, no firmware, no software and no moving parts. This represents a major paradigm shift away from highly complex and costly PC and thin client architectures.

  • Pano Logic's patent-pending technology, Pano Direct, simplifies a very complex desktop computing environment by virtually stretching the I/O connection over the network enabling the desktop virtual machine to deliver a native Windows desktop, eliminating the need for costly, failure-prone protocols. 

  • Radical centralization using the Pano Logic zero client platform drastically reduces computing TCO by as much as 80 percent by completely eliminating endpoint management and security risks, and reducing energy consumption by as much as 95%. As a result, companies adopting it can tackle both budgetary and green IT initiatives.

  • The Pano zero client platform delivers on the promise of cloud computing by opening the way for a PC-like user experiences on endpoints that are completely independent of processor architectures, protocol limitations, and unmanageable software stacks.

The Pano System is a complete end-to end virtual desktop solution which includes the Pano Manager, a virtual machine manager and connection broker, the unique Pano Device zero client endpoint hardware, and Pano Direct, providing the connection to completely centralized virtual desktops. The Pano System starts a $319 per seat and is also available in a pre-configured, pre-loaded all-in 50-user suite, Pano Express, combining VMware vSphere™ Essentials, Microsoft Windows 7/XP licenses, and HP server and storage hardware with Pano Logic's award-winning zero client platform.

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