May 10, 2011 08:22 ET

University of Sunderland Locks in Data Protection With IronKey

IronKey Enterprise Helps University of Sunderland Secure Access to Sensitive Academic Research Projects Around the World

SUNDERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 10, 2011) - To help protect the access to, and security of, valuable data such as research papers for its network of academics around the world, the University of Sunderland in North East England has chosen IronKey as its 'de facto' portable security provider.

The investment in IronKey's always-on hardware encrypted solution, IronKey Enterprise, supports the University of Sunderland's proven reputation as a forward-thinking and innovative higher education institution. In addition to protecting its global network of academics from the perils of logging on to unsecured networks and internet cafes, IronKey Enterprise will also give the University's corporate governance and IT departments the added peace of mind that an extra level of security is always built in.

Dave Hartis, IT buyer at the University of Sunderland, and his IT Services team provide centralised IT support to the 1500 onsite and offsite staff within the University. He says: "We've invested heavily to create a robust and centralised IT infrastructure here, and honestly, in an ideal world we'd prefer to not have any portable USB devices. But in reality it's not always possible for users to access our on-line file storage solution - there are times when requirements dictate the need for mobile storage. The key is controlling its use so that staff are offered the flexibility they need and management the peace of mind that security is never compromised."

With this in mind Dave and his team started seriously investigating the secure portable USB device market. IronKey first came to their attention at a national education supplier exhibition through leading IT supplier and IronKey reseller, PrimoIT, who advised on a number of mobile security products for evaluation.

The system had to work efficiently for both users and system administrators. "Whatever system we chose it had to be simple to use and satisfy a broad range of users' needs - from learning support and technical support staff to academics. And from a management view, our corporate governance team needed the confidence to know that we had the highest possible levels of encryption (especially with the recent high-profile public sector data breaches). The system offers the ability to monitor and if necessary terminate the devices centrally, meaning that the data is securely dissolved."

After a small-scale trial with a select number of users, the University rolled out the device to 130 users spread far and wide around the world. Dave added: "The team was delighted with the initial feedback. The user experience throughout has been very slick and simple...we've had no reported problems and have needed virtually no support, which is almost unheard of with the introduction of a new technology. It really is a plug and play solution."

Users also like the aesthetic look of IronKey Enterprise devices. "Not only is it extremely robust but it looks good and stands out from any other USB stick so it makes it easier to control any rogue devices coming into the system. It definitely ticks all the boxes and is the only mobile security storage solution to be accredited by the University of Sunderland. And best of all we now have people saying to us What do I need to do to get one of those silver sticks?" concludes Dave.

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