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April 16, 2009 15:00 ET

Unleash Passion and Overcome Economic Downturn, Says New Author

The key to surviving the recession is approaching life like an athlete: find your passion and train for success

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - A newly published book called Bringing Passion to Life says that if you're working with passion, the current economic crisis shouldn't affect you.

Author, career coach and corporate trainer Brenda Andress understands what the tight economy means to Canadians. But she says it's an opportunity to find the fulfillment Canadians have been missing in their lives and careers.

"Many of us have lost touch with our passion," says Andress. "We need to remember what inspires us, what frees us to colour outside the lines, to dream and to inspire creativity in others. Tomorrow's success starts with today's passion."

For those Canadians who have lost their jobs, it means finding their true vocation. Andress says that if you're unemployed, you have a unique opportunity to learn what motivates you to produce your best quality work. Getting in touch with passion will help you find a new and successful path.

In the workplace, tighter budgets mean that creativity needs to drive decision-making. People in touch with their life passions can create the kind of vision necessary to keep businesses in the black.

For managers, executive directors and other corporate leaders, generating a profitable bottom line means leading with passion and drawing out passion in employees.

Andress outlines her approach to finding your passion and using that energy toward work, quality of life and leadership in the corporate environment in her book, Bringing Passion to Life. She stresses the parallels between how elite athletes train the body and how successful people need to train the mind. She outlines a daily training plan that develops the imagination and visionary, out-of-the-box thinking.

Andress knows first-hand what passion can achieve. She turned her childhood passion for hockey into a historical season as a member of a men's varsity college hockey team. Andress is also one of the few women in Canada who has earned the status of Level 6 referee - the highest ranking - and she has officiated elite women's hockey at the national and international levels.

At 40, Andress suffered a debilitating stroke. Her passion to re-learn how to skate enabled her to heal and regain mental and physical function.

Recently, as the Executive Director of the Canadian Women's Hockey League, the elite women's league where Canada's gold-medal athletes play in non-Olympic years, Andress helped organize the first-ever Clarkson Cup Championship, the female hockey version of the Stanley Cup.

"Brenda's ability to focus, stimulate and evoke meaning, and lead people through personal challenges - raising awareness within - is a gift, says Bob Forhan, President and CEO of iPLANcorp Design Group in Toronto. "She was received by our employees with high regard and gratitude."

Other than hockey, Brenda's greatest passion is helping others unlock passion, vision and achievement. Andress' company, Passion Productions, does just that.

Passion Productions is committed to the connected between passion and success. In addition to the book, Bringing Passion to Life, Passion Productions offers seminars to groups and consulting to individuals on workplace creativity and personal fulfillment. To businesses, Passion Productions offers workshops on teamwork, corporate vision and leading with passion.

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