January 02, 2014 17:00 ET

Up-and-Coming Eng-Clicks Torpedo Quietly Aiming at LinkedIn

Powerful and Innovative, Technical Tool and Resource is Primed for Domination

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 2, 2014) - In a market bursting with websites purporting to be the new Facebook or LinkedIn, it takes a truly innovative vision to propel new entrants to the forefront.

Eng-Clicks is quickly becoming a website to watch - because it is not just "another website."

"Nor is it another Facebook, or another LinkedIn," says CEO Marin Vratonjic.

"Eng-Clicks is more."

Originally developed as a web-based tool to help Canadian engineers connect and collaborate, the vision for Eng-Clicks - a unique technical and business intelligence network - seems to be expanding by the day.

"The vision has changed because we realized how much potential power exists in Eng-Clicks," explains Marin Vratonjic. "There was no good reason to limit the scope, and many good reasons to keep innovating and introducing new features and functions."

Vratonjic is a Professional Engineer and serial entrepreneur who juggled graduate studies at the University of Toronto with full-time work in consulting and manufacturing. Finding that he enjoyed the business side of engineering prompted him to launch his own design and build house. Honing both his technical and business skills gave Vratonjic a glimpse into the challenges and gaps facing engineers and entrepreneurs. Eng-Clicks, he says, is "the result of - and the solution to - problems in our industry."

Unlike sites on which users are "along for the ride," Eng-Clicks encourages members to create their own online business identity, and share it with the world. When completed later this year, the site will feature user video channels for training and education, a micro-financing and investing platform and discounted access to content management tools, which Vratonjic says are critical but often prohibitively expensive in engineering and manufacturing. Having other features like job and tendering posts, video conferencing and cloud storage all in one place could make Eng-Clicks a professional practice disruptor. The team is confident that, when fully functional, the site will streamline processes, support large-scale migration to cloud computing and facilitate international collaboration.

At the heart of Eng-Clicks' advanced networking feature is a massive qualifications database featuring specific technical, IT and engineering credentials from every country in the world. Rather than have user's enter their own designations, they will be able to select standard fields specific to each country. This is critical for producing efficient algorithms that can match and target effectively.

Vratonjic notes that Eng-Clicks isn't limiting its market to engineering and technical professions, either. "We're soliciting vendor members - anyone who might be interested in offering services to a huge, global market. Lawyers, accountants, manufacturers, recruiterS... the list is endless and the bigger our member base gets, the more appealing it will be to vendors from all industries."

Marin Vratonjic doesn't shy away from the spotlight, but he is quick to credit a multi-disciplinary team of professional programmers, graphic designers, marketing and finance experts with bringing an idea to life "so quickly and competently. This is a team that is in close communication every single day. Everyone is committed to Eng-Clicks and we share the same vision."

See the vision for yourself. Visit www.engclicks.ca to create your free profile.

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