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March 01, 2007 12:56 ET

Update and Clarification From the CEO

MONTREAL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 1, 2007 -- Alcar Chemicals Group Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ACMG) releases an update from the CEO and a clarification on its relation with Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd (BHL).

I am addressing the issue of our work with BHL personally as I do take any misunderstandings involving our credibility very seriously. We are, in fact, in the process of setting up an optimization project to maximize efficiency when using the entire sugar cane plant, from sugar juice through pit to the bagasse. This optimization is being undertaken after discussions between myself and the General Manager of BHL's Chemical Division and Bajaj eco-tec products ltd. personally have developed into an understanding on the long-term priorities BHL has envisioned.

BHL is a very large corporation and it is possible that some "wires were crossed" resulting in their communications department falling behind on their intelligence gathering. However, I have been assured that BHL will provide a statement very shortly.

I would also like to take this occasion to apologize for this misunderstanding and to thank our long-term shareholders for the patience and support demonstrated over the long period where updates were not as forthcoming as expected. I hope you are satisfied with Steven's job in keeping you up to date and informed on a constant and consistent basis without the typical fluff.

I believe he has been handling the monumental task rather well and will continue to do so as we enter a completely new phase now that we have a serious and dedicated group as partners, which have already demonstrated their dedication to our technology and all its future possibilities as much as their dedication to clean energy solutions and on improving our environment.

I will be meeting our new partners in two weeks and let me assure you that we will be finalizing and signing a definite agreement without further delays.

About Alcar Chemicals Group Inc.

The Alcar Chemicals Group (PINKSHEETS: ACMG) represents a significant market opportunity due to a serious worldwide supply shortage of raw materials for polymers as well as an increased requirement for ethanol and biodiesel. ACMG has been concentrating on innovative methods for biomass (forestry waste, agricultural waste and non-food crop) valorization for the past decade, specifically petroleum-independent fuel and plastics resin production. Its proprietary technology represents today's most economical and advanced manufacturing process for plastic raw materials, ethanol and bio-diesel, allowing production at cost savings of up to 40% when compared to current production methods.

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