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Canadian Home Builder's Association - Calgary Region

October 19, 2010 14:46 ET

Update: Calgary's Home Building and Development Industry Celebrates the Success of Votecalgary.ca and Welcomes Naheed Nenshi as the City's New Mayor

Votecalgary.ca Concludes Successful Industry-Wide Municipal Election Initiative with Record Hits to Website

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 19, 2010) - Calgary's exciting municipal election season came to a close last night as Naheed Nenshi was named as the City's new mayor. The Canadian Home Builder's Association– Calgary Region (CHBA) and the Urban Development Institute (UDI) are pleased to welcome Mr. Nenshi and look forward to continuing to work with City Hall to build a better Calgary – up, out and in.

The industry is also celebrating the success of votecalgary.ca, a CHBA and UDI-led election initiative aimed at engaging the 30,000 Calgarians who work in the industry to vote in the election. At the time of the closing of voting stations yesterday, the site had received a record 13,375 visitors that day alone contributing to 51,589 visitors since the site's launch.

"We are thrilled with the response votecalgary.ca received this election season and we are very proud of the civic engagement we inspired within our industry," said Jenelle Wohlberg, Project Manager of votecalgary.ca. "On behalf of the industry, I want to thank our members and employees for taking such an interest in the future of their City. I also want to extend a warm congratulations to all successful candidates. We look forward to working with this new City Council over the next three years to continue to build this world-class city."

Launched in June 2010, votecalgary.ca served as a hub for up-to-date election news and candidate views, featuring candidate surveys and video interviews focusing on pertinent industry topics such as urban development, consumer choice and housing affordability. The site also included Facebook and Twitter pages, aimed at providing users and followers with the most current industry and election news. In early October, votecalgary.ca also released the City's first all-ward aldermanic poll conducted by polling firm O'Connell Enterprises.

According to Wohlberg, novel features such as these have contributed to the site's runaway success. Since its launch, votecalgary.ca received 51,589 site visitors and more than 200,000 page views, experiencing more than a 95 per cent increase in traffic since June. The site has also experienced steadily high traffic on both votecalgary.ca's Facebook and Twitter pages.

"We began votecalgary.ca with the view that our industry needed a voice in this election," says Wohlberg. "We set out to provide our 30,000 industry employees with the information they would need to cast an informed vote on election day and I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve. It speaks to our industry's civic engagement and innate passion for the City in which they live."

CHBA – Calgary Region represents over 700 member companies including single and multi family builders, renovators, land developers, trades, suppliers and general professionals bound together to provide the Calgary region with housing and communities that represent innovation and integrity.

UDI - Calgary represents over 180 member companies involved in residential, multi-family and commercial construction in Calgary. The association's mission is to represent their members in development industry through the establishment of urban planning and development which will best provide for the needs of Calgarians today and in the future.

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