March 15, 2013 14:48 ET

UPDATE: Family Nutrition 2013 With Terra Wellington

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 15, 2013) - Wellness and Lifestyle Contributor Terra Wellington has ideas for helping busy families keep their nutrition on track. 

It ALL starts at the grocery store. If you choose wisely, the rest is easy. Starting with breakfast, for cereal -- be a stickler with the nutritional label. Look for something that tastes great and is low in calories and high in fiber -- 9 out of 10 of us do not get enough daily fiber which is important because helps keep you feeling satisfied. A great choice is the new Fiber One® 80Calories Chocolate Cereal. With a delicious chocolate flavor, 80 calories and 9 grams of fiber per serving, you don't have to sacrifice your goals.

For eggs, look for eggs with more nutritional value; and read labels because not all eggs are the same. Eggland's Best eggs are best for your family because they have two times more vitamin D, double the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, 10 times more vitamin E AND 25% less saturated fat compared to regular eggs. Plus, Eggland's Best eggs have a great taste with only 70 calories.

Moving on to snacks: The key with snacks is to avoid mindless eating; the type when you start snacking and just don't stop. This can put the weight on fast. Also, watch the calories and nutritional value. One great snack option is Fiber One Protein Bars. These bars satisfy your afternoon chocolate craving and with 140 calories or less, you get 20% of your daily value of fiber AND at least 6 grams of protein in each bar.

Another delicious snack option is Popcorn, Indiana's FIT, a new better-for-you popcorn. This snack is just 40 calories or less and just 2 grams of fat per cup PLUS tons of whole grains. No longer does it have to be about being skinny and eating tasteless diet food! Both are smart snacks without having to sacrifice taste -- for a guilt free snacking experience!

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