SOURCE: HealthSonix Inc.

June 22, 2006 09:59 ET

Update: HealthSonix Registers AquaSonix Medical Device With the FDA

IRVINE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 22, 2006 --HealthSonix Inc. ("HealthSonix" or the "Company") (PINKSHEETS: HSXI), is pleased to announce that it has registered the AquaSonix medical device with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Indications are for pain reduction and muscle relaxation. The device was designated as class 1, the safest classification for medical devices.

"Arthritis is the number one cause of chronic pain in North America. Thirty percent of adult population has been diagnosed with arthritis and our breakthrough medical technology is very timely with the aging of the population. This new technology uses sound pressure waves to stimulate the mechanoreceptors in the body and, when combined with low impact exercise programs in warm water pools, continues to record impressive reductions in pain," said Dieter Doederlein, Vice President of Corporate Development. "To date over $4.5 million has been invested in Research and Development, testing, clinical work and regulatory compliance to get to this milestone in our Company's development."

AquaSonix Therapy programs are held throughout the day and early evening in warm water pools (85 degrees to 94 degrees Fahrenheit) located in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, community centers, and retirement residences. The standard course of therapy is fifteen 45-minute sessions, ideally two to three times a week with a minimum of one day in between treatment sessions. All programs are led by certified AquaSonix Therapists.

The sound pressure waves generated by the AquaSonix device are believed to work by stimulating mechanoreceptors in the skin, which in turn communicate with the brain and block pain messages from getting through (gate control theory of pain); and by creating an exercise effect in the muscles, which encourages the production and release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.

About HealthSonix Inc.

HealthSonix Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HSXI) is a multi-dimensional medical technology company that develops and markets healthcare services and FDA registered medical products to treat the pain associated with arthritis; fibromyalgia; soft tissue and muscular injuries. The company's offerings are based on patent pending medical technologies that use sound pressure waves at the core of its treatment protocols. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-622-2121.

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