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Millin Medical LLC

February 19, 2009 17:38 ET

Update: Hospitals Overwhelmed by the Berger Commission See Hope With Millin Associates' Innovative Service

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - First, NY State hospitals were confronted by complicated, ever-changing Medicaid and Medicare billing regulations -- yielding administrative headaches and denied claims. Recently, something far worse occurred: the release of NY State's Berger Commission. In 2005, The Commission mandated closure of nine hospitals statewide, and the conversion, affiliation, or reconfiguration of 48 others. In all, 25% of NY State hospitals were affected, with more looming. Unfortunately, Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurance carriers have been denying more and more claims -- leaving hospitals to rely on taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, the Commission is trying to close additional struggling hospitals. To combat this, Millin Associates (, a medical billing field leader for 27+ years is helping small and large hospitals with new expanded services and software empowering hospitals to receive payments and minimize denied claims.

Millin offers its services strictly by contingency. Millin first sets up the client with all needed information required for the re-billing and recovery project. Millin then obtains all claims, performs research and analysis, corrects all denied claims and re-bills them in order to turn denials into payments. Millin can analyze and process 100,000+ claims simultaneously. Capacity -- always a pitfall for hospitals -- is now a non-issue. Millin is recommended by leading accounting/law firms, and independent auditors.

Millin's services are available to a wide spectrum of healthcare providers including hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), primary care centers (Article 28), ambulatory surgery centers, dialysis centers, mental health facilities (Article 31), substance abuse facilities (822, methadone treatment centers), OMRDD facilities, and foster care agencies. Millin is a member organization of HFMA, HANYS, CHCANYS, MGMA, The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of NY State, and other accredited organizations.

Unlike others, Millin delivers a hands-on, service-oriented approach, ensuring all denied claims are researched, corrected and resubmitted properly--which results in an immediate revenue increase.

Steve Unger, director of business development, said, "Our seamless services have always been a powerful tool for hospitals and clinics." CEO Sol Weiss is equally optimistic and credits Millin's highly experienced and dedicated staff for the tremendous recovery success rate. "Our question is, 'If your hospital or facility is in New York State and you're losing money -- or threatened by the Berger Commission -- why not call Millin Associates and see what they can do for you?'"

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