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June 03, 2015 14:16 ET

UPDATE: Quantum Interface Launches First User Interface Based on Motion Control and Predictive Navigation to Improve User Experience on Any Device or App

Unique UX Now Available in Smartwatch Launcher Beta App; Highlights Ultrafast Scrolling, Selection and Navigation of Content

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2015) - The next big thing in device interfaces has moved from science fiction to reality with the introduction today of Quantum Interface's (Qi, pronounced "Q" "I") one-of-a-kind predictive navigation interface. Based on its proprietary technology, the new interface is uniquely responsive to motion, analyzing the speed and direction of any input to determine user intent. When a user moves toward a menu selection with a finger on a touchpad, moves their hands in the air or moves their eyes in a car's heads up display or under a VR hood, the app infers the choice, and literally moves toward the user, opening up the next levels of information. This revolutionary interface provides a more immersive experience and presents more information to the user exponentially faster than the current point and click, tap and lift interfaces on the market.

The first glimpse of the enormous potential of this new technology is being introduced in Qi's Android smartwatch launcher, QiLaunch Wear. The launcher app will provide users with fluid approach to navigating and managing content: Available in a by-invitation-only beta test,, QiLaunch Wear enables ultrafast navigation and easy selection of apps and content. As a user puts a finger on the watch face and starts moving it toward a selection, the app launches with no lift and tap or point and click required. This updated look streamlines the interface, speeds up engagement with apps, and allows the user to see more content and choices on a smaller screen.

Analyzing motion to predict user intent, the Qi interface reacts to changes of speed and direction as a user moves. The only requirement to control any device is continuous motion, no special sign language or gestures to learn nor any special rings, remotes or other hardware necessary. Designed to be universal, the Qi predictive motion interface works with almost any type of device, regardless of the sensors installed or type of touch or touchless environment, and can be added to any application or operating system. The interface consumes less power than current touchscreens, gestures or other ways of communicating with devices.

"User interfaces today are really frustrating and surprisingly old-fashioned. The Qi predictive navigation approach delivers the most advanced and intuitive interface, and with it, an entirely different user experience," said founder and CTO Jonathan Josephson. "With any device, notice how you drill down through multiple options, or long rows of choices, rather than moving smoothly exactly where you want to go. Qi has created a 'human' interface that seamlessly and intuitively connects people to their technology."

"With QiLaunch Wear and all the coming versions of our interface, there are no 'stop signs' that slow down navigation so users have the fastest route to navigate and select apps," Josephson said.

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The QiLaunch Wear smartwatch launcher is now available in a private beta. To apply for the beta version, visit The interface will also soon be available to manufacturers wanting to build the Qi interface into their next-generation devices.


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Quantum Interface creates revolutionary interface software, which improves the user experience on any device or app. Qi's technology includes unique, responsive, exponentially faster experiences for scrolling, navigating and selecting options and managing content on all devices. The Quantum Interface UIX is a completely natural, immersive, motion-based interface, which is ready for implementation with wearables, mobile devices, virtual reality/augmented reality devices and connected automobiles, in both touch and touchless formats. The company is privately held and based in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit:

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