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January 06, 2011 14:38 ET

Update: Sergio Myers' "Jordon Saffron -- Taste This!" Introduces Free Flow Filmmaking

Starring Rachel Hunter and Steve Schirripa

HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - January 6, 2011) - Sergio Myers -- Star/Director/Producer of 'Jordon Saffron, Taste This!' a movie starring Rachel Hunter and Steve Schirripa, woke up one morning after watching a 24 marathon of Gordon Ramsay and decided he wanted to make a mockumentary based on a chef. The problem was he didn't have a script or a budget. As a former Reality TV Creator (MTV Sorority Life) he decided to make a movie by writing with the camera, so he created a new genre: 'Free Flow Filmmaking,' produced by 7Ponies Productions. "As a filmmaker, by not having a script, you are never tied to any specific locations or scenarios, you can completely think out of the box, and also shoot in the most economical way." Myers went about calling on favors from anyone he had worked with in the past; he had given Rachel Hunter one of her first hosting jobs on Spike TV's "10 Things Every Guy Should Experience," a series he Executive Produced and Directed. Rachel gave Myers 3 hours of her time, and when she showed up on location, Myers gave her the story line, her background, and her emotional motivation: she was the jilted girlfriend of a non-committal guy. All of her scenes were done in one take.

Steve Schirippa (Soprano's) had hosted an episode of the same series, so when Myers called on him, Steve agreed to an afternoon of shooting. Myers turned up with 1 cameraman, used natural lighting, and shot all the scenes in a couple of hours, all in one take.

Myers based the movie in Chicago, which he felt was a great location that gives great production value without paying for it. The entire movie was shot in 7 days, used many friends' and casts' houses as the locations, and was able to get a couple of local restaurants to let him use their restaurants for free. One of the owners of a restaurant featured in the movie actually played the Maitre D, while his chefs cooked all of Jordon Saffrons famous dishes featured in the movie. Myers then met with some improv actors, casting their characters around what he felt their strengths were, building their storylines as the shooting progressed.

So to answer the question on how to make a movie in a tight economy, a new genre called free flow filmmaking.

'Jordon Saffron, Taste This!' was released on DVD at Blockbuster, Netflix and others in 2010, and now has international distribution with Synergetic Distribution.

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