UPI Energy LP

UPI Energy LP

June 06, 2008 14:47 ET

UPI Energy LP Commended on Expanding the Availability of Green Renewable Environmental Fuel

GUELPH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 6, 2008) - Guelph based UPI Energy LP recently launched E85 Ethanol to the motorists of Oxford County at its UPI EnviroStation™ Gas Bar, located at 685558 Highway #2/Oxford Road #2 in Woodstock, Ontario. With the launch, UPI's Woodstock EnviroStation™ became one of only three gas bars in Canada offering the greenest fuels available to motorists, which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions as well as producing fewer particulate matter. All three E85 fuelling facilities are UPI Gas Bars and are located in Guelph, Chatham and now Woodstock, Ontario. E85 fuel contains up to 85% high-octane ethanol, which is produced right here in Ontario, and 15% gasoline.

A Flexible Fuel Vehicle is specially designed to run on either regular gasoline or blended fuel containing up to 85% ethanol content E85. UPI's green E85 fuel can be used by the over 100,000 and rapidly increasing number of Flexible Fuel Vehicles on Canadian roads. General Motors of Canada is the country's largest automaker and industry leader in the production of E85 Flexible Fuel Vehicles with 12 models currently available and additional models announced for the future. "GM welcomes the news of UPI's E85 Launch in Woodstock and commends the fuel retailer for expanding the availability of this green fuel in Ontario," said David Paterson, Vice President Corporate and Environmental Activities for General Motors of Canada. "In order to significantly reduce vehicle greenhouse gases in Canada, it is imperative to not only offer motorists greener vehicle technologies, but also make available green energy alternatives, such as E85 fuel." According to studies by the Federal Government, using E85 biofuel reduces lifecycle vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by 47% to 55%.

City of Woodstock's Mayor Michael Harding referred to UPI as "stewards of the environment" for the organization's continued commitment to Canada's renewable fuels industry and for its leadership in premiering environmentally friendlier alternative fuels to the retail market, leading the way for others to follow. UPI's E85 launch in Woodstock also brought congratulatory messages from Oxford's Member of Parliament, Member of Provincial Parliament and the Premier's Office. David Start, a Director of the Ontario Corn Producers' Association, a non-profit provincial association representing approximately 21,000 corn growers, saluted UPI for its promotion of low-level and now E85 ethanol blended fuel. Start commented about the Federal Government's recent passing of a bill that will implement a National Renewable Fuels standard and cited UPI's leadership for helping raise awareness for renewable fuels. Speaking on behalf of the province's farmer-lead dynamic provincial lobby, representing the interests of its 38,000 farm members, Ontario Federation of Agriculture's Vice President and Inwood area cash crop farmer Don McCabe commented its membership supports the greater availability of biofuels and the market opportunities they present for the agricultural sector.

"UPI continuously strives to bring innovative products to the market and to position itself as a leader in the advancement of renewable fuels. We believe the addition of E85 biofuel accomplishes that and paves the way for a greener tomorrow involving the expansion of environmentally friendlier energy products and a future less dependent on non-renewable oil," said Robert Sicard, UPI's President and Chief Executive Officer. "In the next six to twelve months, UPI plans to further expand the availability of E85 by offering it at two more of its sites in Ontario."

Formed in 1991 as a Joint Venture of Suncor Energy Products Inc. and GROWMARK, Inc., UPI is a province-wide marketer of petroleum, propane, lubricants and related energy services to rural Ontario. Renowned for bringing environmentally friendlier energy products, such as low-level Ethanol-blended gasolines and biodiesel, to the market well before any government mandate; UPI became the first fuel retailer to launch Ethanol-blended gasolines in 1993 to both farms and motorists with province-wide coverage. UPI followed in its commitment to the environment by launching biodiesel, made with soybean oil, to the province's farm market in 2003. With the launch of E85, a blend of up to 85% ethanol and UPI's high quality gasoline, in 2007 to first the Guelph and then the Chatham markets, UPI became the only retailer in Canada offering the greenest gasoline to the general public.

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