February 01, 2012 08:00 ET

UpMo Announces First Ever Social Talent Solution to Reduce Employee Churn

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 1, 2012) - UpMo, the leader in social talent management, today announced the availability of its UpMo Social Talent Engine for enterprises. Lauded by industry analysts and enterprise customers, UpMo is the first solution of its kind to combine internal professional social networking and career planning collaboration to enable employee mobility. Through incredible employee adoption and feedback from current customers, UpMo has evolved its Social Talent Engine to further appeal to employees and provide critical talent intelligence to HR and managers to reduce churn and improve employee engagement.

As companies look to retain their best people, most struggle to find a solution that keeps top talent engaged, focused and building much-needed skills. It is no easy task: research shows that traditional talent management solutions take 2-3 years to be fully implemented and even then HR struggles to get employees to use them. UpMo addresses these serious challenges by keeping the best talent loyal, engaging employees with a delightful and natural social user experience that empowers them to take ownership of their career aspirations.

"Most HR systems are administrative and transactional databases. Unlike those systems, UpMo is a cloud-based solution designed to delight employees while delivering predictive talent intelligence to managers and HR for better planning and action," said Promise Phelon, CEO, UpMo. "Like consumer software, UpMo is employee-centric, social and intuitive. As a result, we're not only driving down talent replacement costs, our approach enables a quick rollout and immediate ROI."

UpMo empowers employees to translate dreams to actions by finding their next career move within their company, not outside. UpMo keeps employees off external job boards by unleashing the hidden (and, until now elusive) connection between the career passions of employees with the short- and long-term needs of the business. With UpMo, companies thwart off the continuous churn of their best and brightest talent.

UpMo showcases the following key capabilities for enterprises:

  • Allow employees to visually and dynamically plan their career leveraging crowd intelligence
  • Match employees with relevant opportunities: jobs, short assignments, rotations and content
  • Enabling internal professional networking (think LinkedIn for the enterprise)
  • HR dashboard: Real-time view of the entire internal marketplace including skills and career goals
  • Manager dashboard: decision-driving analytics based on employee talent data
  • Integrate with core HR applications to support existing processes
  • No integration needed for rapid social deployment

UpMo is now generally available. For more information about UpMo or for a free trial, visit or email To see a demonstration, please attend our webinar:

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UpMo is the global provider of Social Talent, connecting employees, customers and business partners for networking and internal upward mobility. UpMo provides the industry's first employee-centric enterprise career management solution to emerging and large organizations. Using an unorthodox approach to aligning people with like interests and career aspirations, we enable a competitive advantage by strengthening the investment in valuable human capital. We help people plan, pursue and manage their careers in a way that benefits both them and their companies. UpMo's cloud solution helps companies like Ericsson and Intuit, embrace employee mobility to dramatically increase productivity, reduce churn, and improve employee engagement. For more information about UpMo, please visit, email or call 1-888-599-1910.

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