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Upper Valley Tiny Homes

August 19, 2015 09:32 ET

Upper Valley Tiny Homes Reveals How Tiny Houses Are Becoming a Popular Choice for Families Seeking to Downsize

Finding a Way to Cut Major Bills and Live Less Expensively Is a Very High Priority for Many People; One Way That's Become Increasingly Popular Is Leaving Owning a Full Sized Home or Renting Behind and Buying a Tiny Home; Leading Resource in Tiny Houses for Sale Upper Valley Tiny Homes Recently Revealed Some of the Ways a Tiny House Helps Save Money

CEDAR CITY, UT--(Marketwired - August 19, 2015) - The tiny houses movement is something that more and more people are not only finding intriguing, but are stepping up and joining everyday. It represents a proposed way of saving money on a number of expenses, including quite importantly, the price of a home. It doesn't require an MBA to look at tiny houses for sale and see that the price tag is much lower than even the least expensive full sized home. Recently a leader in the tiny house space, Upper Valley Tiny Homes, revealed some of the ways tiny homes generally save people money and help them build their savings in a reliable way.

"Being happy in a tiny house is very possible once a person or a family shifts the way they think about being a homeowner," commented a spokesperson from Upper Valley Tiny Homes. "Once they do, it usually feels like a huge weight has come off their shoulders when they realize how nice and comfortable a tiny home can be."

Some of the most common ways tiny houses help owners save money, come up in conversation very frequently, according to Upper Valley Tiny Homes. They include:

Leaving behind high rent and mortgage. Buying a tiny home at the right price removes the common problem most people face of dedicating a full 30% of their income to rent or mortgage payments. Clearly, this makes saving money much more simple.

The end of high utilities. Utility bills can be the bane of homeowners. A tiny home not only guarantees vastly reduced utility bills, depending on the setup they can even require an alternative approach to energy that encourages more frugal behaviors. In both cases utility costs are nowhere near what they are with a full sized house or apartment.

Tiny houses are relatively cheap to have built. If having something new built is a person's dream the tiny house makes it possible, but at greatly reduced prices. Even if none of the tiny houses for sale are appealing having one built is almost always very affordable.

And finally, a tiny house demands a different approach to consumption. Having limited space enforces the idea of not impulse buying things a person or family doesn't need. In Upper Valley Tiny Homes experience, this is an area where people credit tiny houses for helping them save very large amounts of money for as long as continue to live small.

It's agreed, tiny homes are not for everyone. But for the people who embrace them, saving money is almost guaranteed. In an increasingly challenging economic age, a smart bet is that they continue to become more popular than ever.

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