February 17, 2009 09:00 ET

UpToDate® Increases Quality of Care for Millions of Patient Visits Each Year

Medical Information Resource Also Available for Patients, Leading to Shared Decision Making Between Patients and Physicians

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - February 17, 2009) -

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UpToDate, an evidence-based, physician-authored medical information resource, has a positive impact on the quality of care for millions of patient visits each year. Available to physicians, concerned patients, and caregivers via, UpToDate enhances the overall patient experience and allows for shared medical decision making.

Conducted with Solucient, a subsidiary of Thomson Healthcare and a well-recognized leader in measuring hospital performance, the study demonstrated a strong association between hospital quality and efficiency and use of UpToDate. Hospitals with access to UpToDate performed significantly better on risk-adjusted measures of patient safety and complications, and had significantly shorter length of stay (by an average of .167 days per discharge) compared to hospitals without access. These benefits correlated with how often UpToDate was used at each hospital. The results potentially translate into better health outcomes and millions of dollars saved per year for an average hospital. (To read more about the study, visit

In addition, UpToDate's patient offering enables people with serious illnesses and their caregivers to be more educated in the treatment of medical conditions. UpToDate provides patients with access to the same medical content that more than 340,000 physicians worldwide rely on to make decisions about patient care. With UpToDate, patients can learn more about their medical condition, better understand management and treatment options and make shared, educated decisions with their physicians.

UpToDate is used by 88 percent of academic medical centers in the United States. For patients, UpToDate offers free access to over 400 current and in-depth articles that are written by the same group of physicians that author its physician-level content. Additionally, short-term subscriptions are available for patients who want full access to UpToDate's content.

Quote, attributed to Denise S. Basow, MD, Editor-in-Chief, UpToDate

"UpToDate was originally designed to synthesize medical content for physicians, helping them answer questions relating to patient care. But, as more and more patients turn to the internet for medical information, it is increasingly important for patients to have information they can trust so that they can work with their physicians to ensure the best care. Physicians around the world rely on UpToDate, and now patients can access the same evidence-based resource. UpToDate enables physicians and patients to make shared decisions everyone can feel confident about."

Quote, attributed to Mark Horne, MD, UpToDate subscriber

"On an average day, roughly two-thirds of the patients I see have diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia or some combination thereof and the complications that stem from those diseases," said Mark Horne, MD, an UpToDate subscriber who practices general internal medicine in a multi-specialty clinical practice in rural Mississippi. "I often refer patients to UpToDate. Their patient information is a great educational resource that helps patients gain a better understanding of their conditions and actively participate in their own care."

About UpToDate

Patients with subscriptions to UpToDate have access to the same medical content relied on by more than 340,000 physicians worldwide. UpToDate provides patients with access to current, in-depth information, allowing patients and physicians to make shared medical decisions. Founded in 1992, UpToDate is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. For more information call 1-800-998-6374 or visit

About Wolters Kluwer Health

UpToDate is part of Wolters Kluwer Health (Conshohocken, PA), a leading provider of information and business intelligence for students, professionals and institutions in medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry. Major brands include traditional publishers of medical and drug reference tools and textbooks, such as Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Facts & Comparisons®; electronic information providers such as Ovid, UpToDate, Medi-Span® and ProVation®; and pharmaceutical information providers such as Adis International and Source®.

Wolters Kluwer Health is a division of Wolters Kluwer, a leading global information services and publishing company with annual revenues (2007) of EUR 3.4 billion ($4.8 billion), maintains operations in over 33 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific and employs approximately 19,500 people worldwide. Visit for information about our market positions, customers, brands, and organization.

About Solucient

Solucient®, a part of Thomson Healthcare, is the market leader in providing tools and vital insights that healthcare managers use to improve the performance of their organizations. By integrating, standardizing, and enhancing healthcare information, Solucient provides comparative measurements of cost, quality, and market performance. Solucient's expertise and proven solutions enable providers and pharmaceutical companies to drive business growth, manage costs and deliver high quality care. For more information, visit

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