May 19, 2010 08:17 ET Launches the NBA-Playoffs Collection of Fooz Player Cards

Collect All 90 Players and Track Player Stats, Game Highlights, Schedule, and More

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2010) -  With this season's exciting NBA conference finals heating up, ( is pleased to announce the release of the NBA-Playoffs Collection of Fooz Player Cards. These interactive cards feature 90 of your favorite NBA stars and in real-time allows you to track player stats, watch game highlights, follow game schedules, and post them to your favorite social network.

The latest in social media, the urFooz product is an embeddable virtual identity card, that allows users to create an avatar and portable profile that contains music, photos, feeds, and videos. It also has a virtual goods platform, Fooz Mall, where users can personalize their avatar with virtual apparel and accessories from a broad range of brands such as NBA, Oakley, and NCAA. Fooz Cards can easily be shared on over 40 social networks and blogs such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, and iGoogle using's one-click "Share It" function.

Throughout the Playoffs, the NBA-Playoff Collection of Fooz Player Cards are available to fans on as well as NBA's Facebook fan page ( What's more, the collection includes a special subset of Championship cards spotlighting the MVP, Most Improved Player, Best Defensive Player of the Year, and 6th Man of the Year.

"We're excited to present the NBA-Playoff Collection of Fooz Player Cards during the playoffs, providing millions of NBA fans the ability to track and share the status of their favorite players. NBA Fooz Cards is truly a new and innovative way to show support throughout the social web," said Jim Mitchell, CEO of FUHU, Inc. "urFooz is dedicated to giving users control over when, where, and how they consume their content."

About FUHU, maker of

FUHU, maker of urFooz, was founded in 2008 by Robb Fujioka and John Hui to create a suite of solutions that help people manage, access and share their digital life anywhere, anytime. 

urFooz lets you create a portable ID that allows you to take your social profile and content (music, videos, links, feeds, apps) to your favorite destinations and devices. Embedded into millions of devices (PCs, mobile phones, and Plasmas), urFooz's avatar-based widget acts as a portable hub for a user's online life. Create your own Fooz at

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