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September 17, 2013 10:00 ET

Urjanet Adds New Data Streams and Intelligence Layers to Its Energy Data Platform

Cloud-Based Data Service Helps Organizations Measure and Manage Energy Use and Spend

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2013) - Urjanet Inc., a provider of intelligent energy data to business and industry, today announced three new additions to its product line. The new products alertCONNECT, meterCONNECT and weatherCONNECT add new functionality and intelligence to data to further enhance the ability of organizations to plan more effectively for energy spend and usage. Urjanet is releasing these new products in conjunction with its annual user conference, SPARK 2013, this week. 

Urjanet's existing product, utilityCONNECT, helps customers better understand their energy use, manage utility bills and spend, and integrate this knowledge into strategic planning. Urjanet normalizes and federates data streams from 800 plus utilities and other data sources to provide large corporations, government agencies, energy management software vendors and energy services firms with a single source for actionable energy insight. The data is available directly and through partner applications.

utilityCONNECT provides electricity, water and natural gas billing, demand, consumption, history, tariffs and rate plans. It integrates seamlessly with a customer's existing software applications, accounting systems, business intelligence platforms, and energy and carbon management infrastructure. It is also integrated with many industry leading applications with the data provided as a seamless part of the application functionality.

"Traditionally organizations have stored energy data within individual, siloed repositories linked to specific software packages that allows users to access, process and analyze the data," said Urjanet CEO Sanjoy Malik. "As businesses move towards managing energy at the enterprise level and centralizing storage and access to data, they have a unique opportunity to do deeper levels of data analytics. Urjanet's products facilitate this by capturing near real-time data on energy prices and consumption directly from utilities, aggregating it into a standardized format and delivering it directly to customer applications. The products announced today add even more information and intelligence to our utility data management service to further assist our customers to make better and more informed decisions."

The new products are:

- weatherCONNECT -- information that helps calibrate facility-by-facility energy performance across an enterprise based on data regarding local weather conditions from 5,000 certified weather stations across North America. This allows for the calculation of the impact of seasonal shifts and atmospheric events on energy performance. Urjanet's Dynamic Weather Sensitivity Index allows users to plan better for hazardous weather conditions. Operational Degree Days provide site-specific weather normalization, letting users reconcile energy performance with adverse weather conditions, and model energy performance under both ideal and severe conditions.

- meterCONNECT -- a data stream that provides customers access to AMI (advanced meter information) without installing any hardware or software, allowing them to react more quickly to demand-side events and change behavior accordingly. meterCONNECT supports a wide variety of standards along with utility and non-utility data sources. Five to sixty minute interval data is available through meterCONNECT. With data demand and smart grid participation growing, meterCONNECT is the most cost effective way to incorporate advanced metering into any energy management strategy.

- alertCONNECT -- a data service framework that provides instantaneous, actionable information about anomalies in energy usage and billing, allowing customers to take quick corrective action as needed. Alerts include service operation below a company's contracted levels, late payments, meter-reading delays and more.

Urjanet's customers include large corporations and federal, state and local agencies that spend millions of dollars annually on electricity, water and natural gas, and have multiple locations. With its data-only focus, the company has become a valuable partner for others in the energy ecosystem and has established partnerships with many of the leading vendors of energy management software and services.

"Traditionally firms have stored energy data within siloed, proprietary repositories, making it difficult to adopt a centralized model of energy management at the enterprise level," said Janet Lin, head of energy research at Verdantix. "Urjanet's approach provides companies the opportunity to conduct deeper and more accurate levels of data analytics, and it dramatically speeds the entire process."

About Urjanet:
Founded in 2010, Urjanet offers large companies an automated, accurate, and easy-to-use service that helps them to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and more effectively evaluate long-term energy investments. Urjanet's utilityCONNECT platform collects, reconciles, and analyzes energy and carbon-related data from many different sources including smart meters and delivers the data feed directly to customer applications and decision-support systems. Founded by a team of veteran entrepreneurs with technology developed with the Georgia Institute for Technology, Urjanet is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It serves multiple large blue-chip clients and is becoming a leading provider of energy intelligence to business and industry. Innovation at Urjanet is supported by the Georgia Research Alliance ( and the National Science Foundation (

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