Urodynamix Technologies Ltd.

Urodynamix Technologies Ltd.

February 26, 2009 09:00 ET

Urodynamix Technologies Ltd. Receives CE Mark MMS to Launch UroNIRS 2000™ Bladder Monitor System at the Annual EAU in Stockholm Sweden

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 26, 2009) - Urodynamix Technologies Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:URO) today announced that it has obtained a CE Mark for the UroNIRS 2000™ Bladder Monitor System and will officially launch the product in Europe with its distribution partner Medical Measurement Systems B.V. (MMS) at the Annual EAU Conference in Stockholm Sweden March 17 - 21, 2009.

The granting of the CE Mark will allow Urodynamix to expand distribution of its UroNIRS products into the urology office and out-patient markets in Europe where millions of men suffer from the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and require effective diagnosis prior to treatment. Urodynamix expects to commence commercial shipments of UroNIRS 2000 to Europe in the first quarter of 2009.

"The receipt of the CE Mark sets the stage for our rollout of the UroNIRS technology in Europe. We are very pleased to have achieved this major milestone." said Barry Allen, President and CEO of Urodynamix. "The UroNIRS 2000 is a key part of our expansion from the acute care market into the larger office based urology market and Europe is a major market to have access to. The UroNIRS 2000 is a user friendly and cost effective device for the urology office market where we believe the non-invasive fast diagnostic procedure will have incredible value."

"MMS is a market leader in urodynamics and we are looking forward to introducing and promoting this exciting new technology," said Arjen J. de Weerd, President of MMS. "By being able to provide Urodynamix's UroNIRS technology on a stand-alone basis we will continue to provide the latest advances in non-invasive diagnostic technology to our global customer base."

The UroNIRS 2000 is based on a wireless tablet PC with Urodynamix's proprietary sensor configuration. It is compact, portable and specifically designed for ease of use in the urologist's office setting. The UroNIRS 2000 utilizes a non-invasive procedure to confirm the presence of bladder outlet obstruction in men by identifying patients that have healthy bladder function yet suffer from weak urinary stream, hesitancy, urinary retention and related symptoms. UroNIRS 2000 is safer, faster, less expensive and more comfortable than conventional catheter-based diagnostics used to identify the same condition. Clinical studies have shown that the UroNIRS 2000 device has an 86% success rate for accurately identifying obstructed male patients, most of whom are good surgical candidates.

About Medical Measurement Systems B.V.

MMS has been producing urodynamic systems for more than 20 years, including Solar SmartFlow™ Urodynamics Systems and Flowmaster™ UroFlow products. MMS has an outstanding reputation for product development and innovation. Their engineers, sales and marketing teams have daily contact with practicing nurses and physicians all over the world, enabling MMS to develop diagnostic systems that exactly meet the needs of today's healthcare professionals.

The main corporate office of MMS is located in Enschede, the Netherlands, where all products are designed and tested to comply with American and European medical safety regulations as well as international quality standards.
Global distribution takes place through branch offices in the United States, Germany and The Netherlands and a worldwide network of highly qualified distributors who sell and service MMS systems to university, public and private hospitals in more than 60 countries.

About Urodynamix Technologies Ltd.

Urodynamix Technologies Ltd. is a Canadian medical device company developing and commercializing non-invasive medical technology based on proprietary applications of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The Company is currently focused on products that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence, lower urinary tract symptoms, prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and traumatic increases in intra-abdominal pressure that cause abdominal compartment syndrome. Urodynamix's breakthrough medical technology has the potential to beneficially affect more than 200 million people worldwide.

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