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Epson Toyocom Corp.

February 23, 2010 08:30 ET

U.S.-Based Epson Toyocom Timing Products Division Announces Development of the World's Smallest Single Package 6-Axis Sensor

New AH-6100LR Is Engineered for Precise Motion Tracking

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2010) - Epson Toyocom Corporation's U.S.-based Timing Products Division has announced the development of the AH-6100LR, the world's smallest* 6-axis sensor. This low-noise, low-power product comprises a 3-axis QMEMS(*1) quartz gyro-sensor and an extremely stable 3-axis accelerometer within a single package. Samples of the new AH-6100LR are available now at $80 per unit with commercial development scheduled for May 2010.

Epson Toyocom offers a growing line of highly accurate, stable gyro-sensors for use in a variety of applications, including high-quality camera shake correction and compact high-precision navigation systems. The AH-6100LR was developed by leveraging these technologies for high-integrity motion tracing and motion tracking applications. Hand, person, or object motion tracing and tracking systems are core technologies for next-generation applications in a variety of fields.

These systems require sensors with a wide dynamic range of control, since a wide range of motion, from low speed to high speed, needs to be detected. The AH-6100LR has a wide dynamic range of 81 to 83 dB (200 Hz output bandwidth), enabling high-precision control via accurate tracing and helping improve the certainty of motion recognition. The high-integrity analog signal output of the AH-6100LR has the flexibility to meet the need for mixed signal processing in customer systems. Customers are now able to process signals in the best way for any given application, and realize designs with low noise and broadband output.

The new 6-axis sensor packs critical application performance features into a small package (10.0 x 8.0 x 3.8t m). Among these features are 5,000 g of shock resistance and current consumption of just 6.1 mA, a more than sufficiently low power draw to meet the requirements of low power systems.

Epson Toyocom intends to continue expanding its sensor product lineup to meet the needs of the motion sensing market.

Main Features
    1)   6-axis sensor (3-axis gyro-sensor + 3-axis accelerometer)
    2)   Wide dynamic range of 81 to 83 dB (200 Hz bandwidth)
    3)   Compact size (10.0 x 8.0 x 3.8t mm)
    4)   World's lowest* current consumption (6.1 mA) for a six-axis sensor
    5)   5,000 g shock resistance
    6)   Analog output for high-accuracy sensing
    7)   Built-in low-pass filter
    * Source: Epson Toyocom research as of February 23, 2010.

Main Specifications
                        Parameter         Unit
   General         Operating temperature   ºC         -20  to +80
                     Supply voltage         V          2.7 to 3.3
                   Current consumption     mA              6.1
   Gyroscope            Scale factor      mV / dps          1
                   Reference output (Vr)   mV             1350
                     Detection range       dps          +/-1000
                  Noise density (@10 Hz)  dps/(sqrt)Hz    0.006
                        Sensitivity        mV / g          400
   Accelerometer        0g output          mV             1500
                     Detection range        g            +/-3
                  Noise density (@10 Hz)   µ g/(sqrt)Hz    75



QMEMS is a combination of "Quartz," a crystalline material with excellent characteristics such as excellent frequency stability and high precision, and "MEMS" (micro electro mechanical system). QMEMS devices, produced via a microfabrication process on a quartz material instead of on a semiconductor material like MEMS, offer high performance in a compact package.

QMEMS is a registered trademark of Epson Toyocom.

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Epson Toyocom Corporation is the global leader in crystal devices, which serve as the heart and pulse for a wide range of electronic products for consumers and industry. Utilizing its innovative hybrid quartz microfabrication technology, QMEMS, Epson Toyocom offers technological expertise in timing, sensing, and optical devices, and maintains its leadership position by providing customer-specific combinations and solutions.

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