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September 09, 2010 10:03 ET

US-Based Epson Toyocom Timing Products Division Introduces New Series of Auto Safety Gyro-Sensors for Stability and Rollover Protection

XV-9000 Series Detects and Corrects Dangerous Vehicle-Motion Attitude Changes

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2010) -  Epson Toyocom Corporation's U.S.-based Timing Products Division today announced a new series of compact, reliable gyro-sensors (angular rate sensors) designed for increased vehicle safety and to meet upcoming legislated electronic stability control (ESC) requirements in the global automotive industry. Utilizing Epson Toyocom's original packaging technology, the new XV-9000 series is also capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 125°C. Product samples are available now with volume production scheduled for December 2011. For ordering and additional information customers may contact a local Epson Toyocom representative at

As calls for safer vehicles grow louder, the United States, Europe, and Japan have all introduced legislation mandating that vehicles be equipped with active safety systems such as ESC devices to detect skidding and to correct vehicle attitude. The new XV-9000 series is the latest and most advanced of these gyro-sensor systems designed to detect changes in attitude by measuring angular velocity. The units are also equipped with circuits that provide critical self-diagnosis capabilities for today's most reliable operation.

By applying Epson Toyocom's QMEMS(*1) technology to fabricate crystal sensing elements in an original hammerhead structure, a series of very small sensors was created that exhibit stable characteristics over a wide temperature range (-40 to +125°C). In addition, sensor reliability was further increased by providing a diagnostic circuit that detects failures at any given time during operation and at startup. The sensors have also achieved excellent vibration resistance and shock survivability by optimizing the sensing elements and their support structure.

The XV-9000 series consists of four types of sensors, including two types of yaw rate sensors(*2) (the XV-9100LV and XV-9100LP), which have a sensing range of +/-100 deg/s, and two types of roll rate sensors(*3) (the XV-9300LV and XV-9300LP), which have a sensing range of +/-300 deg/s. The board on which the sensors are packaged, as well as the sensing axes, account for the differences among the sensor types. The "LP" packages are for sensing in the planar direction, while the "LV" packages are for sensing in the vertical direction.

The new XV-9000 series is another example of Epson Toyocom's commitment to contribute to greater traffic safety by providing stable, reliable angular rate sensors for automotive applications.

Main Features
1) Operational up to 125°C, for installation in engine rooms
2) High reliability ensured by a function that diagnoses failures at any given time and at startup
3) Stable characteristics in small packages thanks to crystal sensing elements that employ an original hammerhead structure
4) Sensing elements and support structure provide high vibration resistance and shock survivability
5) J-lead pins used for superb joint reliability
6) AEC-Q100(*4) compliant

Main Specifications

Product Specifications XV-9100LV XV-9100LP XV-9300LV XV-9300LP Condition
Supply voltage VDD V 4.75 to 5.25  
Operation temperature TOPR ºC -40 to +125  
Scale factor SO mV/(deg/s) 20 6 25ºC, VDD=5V
Rate range I deg/s + / -100 + / -300 25ºC
Output at quiescent VO V VDD/2 25ºC
Current consumption IDD mA 5.5 typ. no-loaded
Bandwidth BW Hz 10 50 -3 dB point
Sensing Axes & External Dimensions XV-9xxxLV XV-9xxxLP  
Sensing axis - Z X  
External dimensions mm 7.2 x 6.8 x 3.3 9.5 x 5.0 x 7.2  

(*1) QMEMS
QMEMS is a combination of "Quartz," a crystalline material with excellent characteristics such as excellent frequency stability and high precision, and "MEMS" (micro electro mechanical system). QMEMS devices, produced via a microfabrication process on a quartz material instead of on a semiconductor material like MEMS, offer high performance in a compact package.
QMEMS is a registered trademark of Epson Toyocom.

(*2) Yaw rate sensor (*3) Roll rate sensor
As depicted in the illustrations, yaw is rotational motion around the vertical axis of a vehicle. A yaw rate sensor is a gyroscopic sensor that measures the angular velocity of a vehicle's yaw motion. Roll is rotational motion around the longitudinal (front to rear) axis of a vehicle. A roll rate sensor is a gyroscopic sensor that measures the angular velocity of roll motion.

(*4) AEC-Q100
The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) was established by the "Big Three" U.S. automobile manufacturers and American auto parts manufacturers for the purpose of establishing common standards for the qualification and reliability of automotive electronic components. AEC-Q100 is widely used in Europe and the U.S. as a standard for semiconductor and electronic components used in the automotive industry.

About Epson Toyocom
Epson Toyocom Corporation is the global leader in crystal devices, which serve as the heart and pulse for a wide range of electronic products for consumers and industry. Utilizing its innovative hybrid quartz microfabrication technology, QMEMS, Epson Toyocom offers technological expertise in timing, sensing, and optical devices, and maintains its leadership position by providing customer-specific combinations and solutions.

About Epson Electronics America, Inc.
The Timing Products Business Unit of Epson Electronics America, Inc. (EEA) is the North American sales, marketing, and engineering arm of Epson Toyocom Corporation (Epson Toyocom) and provides a wide array of crystals, oscillators, real-time clock modules, SAW products, optical devices and gyro and pressure sensors. Based in El Segundo, California, the EEA group has more than 40 sales representative offices nationwide and a growing network of exclusive distributors. For more information, please visit and click on the Epson Toyocom center box. Both Epson Toyocom and EEA are part of the Seiko Epson Group, which consists of 108 companies around the world.

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