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April 13, 2011 09:00 ET

U.S. Department of Defense Selects Mediware Software for Enterprise Blood Management

Mediware Software Systems Will Support Blood Laboratory and Transfusion Needs for the U.S. Military Health System in Facilities Worldwide

LENEXA, KS--(Marketwire - Apr 13, 2011) - Mediware Information Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDW) announced that the U.S. Military Heath System (MHS) has selected Mediware's blood transfusion management software, HCLL™ Transfusion, to manage transfusion medicine at 68 military health sites worldwide. This award follows the MHS's selection of Mediware's LifeTrak® and InSight software systems which will be used to effectively manage and track blood donor records and blood product inventories in 28 MHS blood donor facilities around the world. Used together, Mediware's software will support the blood supply chain for the U.S. Military, including donor management, blood collections, testing, distribution and transfusion.

"The process to select a software partner capable of supporting the U.S. military's enterprise-wide blood initiative was very formal and highly competitive, and we are honored to have our software selected for both projects," said Thomas Mann, Mediware's president and chief executive officer. "Mediware has invested 30 years into developing safe and efficient blood management systems that span from donor management, through testing, preparation, distribution and transfusion. We are focused on helping customers realize the benefits of an integrated blood supply chain and look forward to continuing this innovation through our work with the U.S. Military."

The transfusion system contract was awarded in March and will enable the MHS to use Mediware's HCLL software to utilize common clinical processes and share patient and inventory data across the various branch operations throughout the world. The HCLL software is currently used by more than 350 hospitals, including many of the largest academic medical centers and hospital networks. The software provides customers more than 60 clinical checks to help ensure the right blood is transfused to the right patient and enables hospitals and hospital networks with powerful inventory management capabilities to manage blood products across multiple locations and facilities. HCLL is 510(k) cleared as a medical device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The HCLL software will be fully web enabled, streamlining accessibility and lowering operational costs for the MHS and other Mediware customers. Web-enablement establishes the foundation for a full, enterprise-wide blood management offering that will address the unique challenges that large, multi-entity hospital networks and governmental entities face in the effective delivery and management of blood therapies in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. The MHS transfusion contract also includes KnowledgeTrak™, a Mediware software product that automates compliance management and training for blood management organizations.

The award of the transfusion system contract follows an October contract award where Mediware's LifeTrak® software was selected to support the full spectrum of blood donor center functions. This includes managing blood donations, blood donor screening and the associated record keeping for military blood donors, their dependent donors and other civilian donors in the United States, abroad and in theaters of operations. It also includes donor screening and registration, as well as blood manufacturing processes such as donor collection, component preparation, testing, labeling, shipping and reporting. The new system will share information among individual centers; create lookback (i.e., blood product traceability) across blood centers throughout the MHS; and share information in standard formats with other MHS IT systems.

Central to the project is Mediware's LifeTrak software, a proven blood donor management software system that includes web-enabled software modules for donor recruitment, donor management, blood product distribution and clinical and laboratory management. The LifeTrak software is functionally robust and empowered with capabilities to address all phases of donor center activities that make it ideal for the MHS deployment. The LifeTrak software is used by approximately 100 of the largest blood center facilities, including organizations in the United States. The LifeTrak software is 510(k) cleared as a medical device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Also included in the MHS donor software project is Mediware's InSight Performance Management software. The InSight software, which is already in use in another area of the MHS, is a sophisticated, yet easy to use business intelligence platform that will allow MHS users to track performance relating to specific metrics such as the amounts of available blood inventory by product types and locations.

The MHS Global Blood Initiative and the selection of the HCLL™, KnowledgeTrak, LifeTrak® and Insight software systems started with a detailed analysis of current and future needs, and included proposals from many major blood, laboratory and health information systems companies. The combination of robust clinical software, proven industry experience and integrated performance management capabilities were integral in the selection of Mediware's products. In both projects Mediware is providing its software and services as a subcontractor with a consortium of other selected vendors who will provide implementation and consulting services associated with the project.

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HCLL Transfusion is Mediware's next generation transfusion management system used by more than 350 prestigious hospitals. HCLL features robust patient safety protocols, multi-site and multi-facility inventory management capabilities, and the industry's only fully integrated remote release blood distribution system (BloodSafe). HCLL is 510(k) cleared by the U.S. FDA as a medical device.

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LifeTrak is a powerful blood donor management system that encapsulates clinical and operational needs associated with recruiting, collecting, testing, manufacturing and distributing blood products. LifeTrak was initially developed by Carter BloodCare and is used by many of the largest blood center organizations. LifeTrak is 510(k) cleared by the U.S. FDA as a medical device.

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