January 18, 2011 10:40 ET

US Eye Tracking Results Reveal Real-Time Shopper Behavior

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) -  Leading mall media specialist, EYE, has revealed the results from its Eye Tracking study in the US finding among other insights, that consumers do not experience advertising fatigue over the course of their shopping experience. Even when they passed an advertisement a second time, 47.8% of people took a second look. Eye Tracking measures real environments, real behavior and real-time shoppers as they navigate and interact within the shopping mall environment. This study has been conducted by EYE in four locations around the globe -- Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States -- in airports, universities and now malls.

Michelle Schiano, Vice President of Marketing for EYE, commented: "The US has built a strong knowledge base of how people engage with EYE's advertising across markets and the results are remarkable. Eye Tracking has given us even greater insight into the mall shopper. EYE remains committed to investment in research to better understand how advertisers can optimize their experience in the mall environment."

Eye Tracking results also uncovered that the more time someone spends engaged with an ad, the more interested they often become. Additionally, similar to the basic human instinct to look at other people, ads featuring people's faces garner the most attention.

Greg Barnett, General Manager - Customer Experience Insights of Access Testing commented that, "Eye Tracking has proven to be a very effective measurement tool among EYE platforms. This was our first mall study and the Eye Tracking tool was a perfect match to accurately measure the engagement of shoppers as they move through the mall environment." 

Viewing engagement is measured when participants' eyes fixate on the advertising panel for a minimum of 1/5 of a second. The average engagement rate of a backlit Eyelite (4'x6' Diorama) is 51%. These Eyelite units stood out from a distance; the average viewing distance from the Eyelite was calculated at 32 feet. The fixation length for all Eyelites, including both backlit and digital was 3.6x longer than the average engagement length.

Demonstrating EYE's on-going commitment to accountability, Eye Tracking offers greater consumer insight, thereby helping advertisers to design more effective campaigns. All Eye Tracking studies were conducted by Access Testing, a Deloitte top 50 technology company.

For more information about Eye Tracking, click here.

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