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June 27, 2016 11:30 ET

US Federal Contractor Registration Client Dormick Group, LLC Has Completed Its System for Award Management Registration and is Accepting Government Contracts

ST. PAULS, NC--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - US Federal Contractor Registration is pleased to announce that Dormick Group, LLC -- which makes available medical supplies and equipment -- has completed its System for Award Management (SAM) Registration and is currently accepting contracts.

Dormick Group, LLC is a minority- and service disabled veteran-owned small business that sells medical supplies, medical equipment, medical paper products (e.g., toilet paper, bed paper rolls, bed pans, urine containers, specimen cups, etc.), janitorial supplies, custom medical trays (such as for hospitals, dentist offices, and specialty clinics), and packaging materials (e.g., such as for medical supplies, industrial supplies, military-specific supplies). This packaging is Standard Practice for Military Packaging compliant.

"After serving for 21 years, including in Afghanistan and Iraq twice, I gained an appreciation and passion for helping others, and wanted to continue to do so after my active duty military career ended," said Dormick Group, LLC owner and CEO Dormick Locklear. "I'm also committed to my community by providing jobs to help boost the local economy."

Locklear has most of his supplies on-hand, and provides quick turnaround once he receives an order.

"Creating this company allowed me to continue to maintain strong relationships with our veteran and civilian entrepreneurs," said Locklear, who added that his employees are "hardworking, dedicated, and excel at what we do."

Additionally, the Dormick Group, LLC can customize many of its medical products.

"Dormick Group, LLC -- like many small businesses -- provide stability in local economies and, in my experience, provide high-quality customer service," said USFCR President Eric Knellinger. "The fact that he's a veteran with such a storied military career also means that he's perfectly positioned to deliver to the military the types of products that he knows the military needs."

US Federal Contractor Registration, the world's largest third-party government registration firm, helped Dormick Group, LLC complete its System for Award Management (SAM) Registration. Companies need this Registration in order to bid on and receive government contracts.

"US Federal Contractor Registration had the expertise and knowledge to make sure I can succeed as a government contractor," said Dormick. "They take the time to get to know you and help you meet your business goals, establish a firm foundation, and grow your business, all the while maintaining the utmost in integrity."

US Federal Contractor Registration helps clients complete the System for Award Management (SAM) Registration, develop winning bid strategies, and succeed as government contractors. In 2015, USFCR clients earned nearly $2 billion in government contracts.

For more information about Dormick Group, LLC, contact Dormick Locklear, President and CEO, at 303-993-3293 ext. 1404, or email him at

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