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December 09, 2010 18:00 ET

US Government's Assistance in Personal Debt Relief

Sometimes There Is a Misconception Regarding the United States' Involvement in Reducing Consumer Debt; Total Debt Relief Tells Where to Find Real Credit Card Debt Relief Options

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - December 9, 2010) -  Some consumers are under the false belief that our government has a fund specifically made for aiding consumers in getting out of debt. It's important for Americans to know that presently, the US Government does not give out a grant meant for citizens eliminating their debts. While big companies receive billions of dollars in aid for their outstanding debts, consumers do not get the same treatment.

The term "debt relief grants" is a highly sought term on the search engines. While it would be convenient for such grants to exist, they don't. Consumers shouldn't despair, legitimate credit card debt relief services do exist and assist Americans in relieving debt and not having to pay the full amount due, and without declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the widely accepted choice for getting out of debt, but qualifications for bankruptcy are stricter presently and in certain instances the debts owed aren't entirely erased.

Debt settlement is a service that can lower debts and avoid bankruptcy. The laws surrounding debt settlement have changed recently, helping the industry become more secure and less fraudulent for Americans.

The process itself is still the same, settlement companies speak with different creditors and debt collectors on behalf of the debtors who owe them money. They try to negotiate the amount of debt owed and work out a structured payment plan, so the client can eliminate debt as soon as possible. The program is for consumers with unsecured debts adding around 10 thousand dollars or more. The program is strongly suggested to people suffering with credit card bills.

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