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May 24, 2012 12:39 ET

The US Military Leads the Fight for Renewable Energy and Green Technology in Energy Digital

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2012) - This month, Energy Digital celebrates Memorial Day by thanking the troops for their service and huge contribution to the energy sector, especially in renewable energy and green technology.

As the world's largest consumer of energy and fuel in the world, the US Department of Defense is heavily invested in changes that reduce its dependence on volatile foreign fossil fuels. Why? It's not about saving money or the environment -- and leave politics out of it completely. From the DoD's perspective, it's about protecting American lives at home and abroad, increasing energy security as the country's greatest defense.

From biofuels to massive solar arrays and smart systems used in rugged, remote areas like Afghanistan, Energy Digital asks how the military is using green technologies to save lives. What's more, the DoD's big push for clean energy is acting as a much needed catalyst for those same kind of changes to make way into the larger economy.

As gas prices continue hurting American pocket books, Energy Digital explores some of the changes happening in the background to alleviate those pains. Will natural gas become the next great vehicle fuel? What will second generation biofuels looks like? Perhaps, the solution to more oil isn't to drill more or go after oil sands. Perhaps, it's actually right under our feet. Using a new technology, one company has discovered a way to recover more oil and extend the field life of hundreds of thousands of wells around the globe.

Read more about the technological shift in the fuel sector in this month's issue of Energy Digital:

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