June 22, 2009 08:00 ET

US Patent Issued to Jumptap for Presenting Advertisements on a Mobile Communication Facility

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2009) - Jumptap, the leading mobile advertising solutions provider, today announced that it was awarded Patent No. 7,548,915 by the United States Patent Office on June 16, 2009.

The patent relates to a method for presenting an advertisement in association with a web page displayed on a mobile communication facility, the method comprising the steps of:

-- determining a first relevancy score based upon a statistical association between at least a first advertisement and one or more keywords;

-- determining a second relevancy score based upon a statistical association between at least a second advertisement and the one or more keywords;

-- receiving a web page request from the mobile communication facility;

-- receiving contextual information from the web page, wherein the contextual information includes at least the one or more keywords; and

-- presenting the first advertisement in association with the web page to be displayed on the mobile communication facility based upon a determination that the first relevancy score is greater than the second relevancy score.

"Jumptap plays a unique role in the mobile advertising ecosystem and our first patent issue is a major milestone event for the company," stated Dan Olschwang, President and CEO of Jumptap. "Our growing intellectual property portfolio reflects our mobile technology heritage and early defined dedication to innovation. Our proprietary technology is an important strategic facet of our business that allows us to deliver tangible benefits to our partners and the various stakeholders in the mobile advertising industry."

The GTC Law Group, Webb Law Firm, and Strategic Patents, P.C. assisted in the development of the patent. Jumptap currently has over 70 published patent applications and expects to receive additional patents over the coming quarters.

"Since our inception, Jumptap has forged a legacy of being first to market and deploying pioneering technologies with customers and partners," added Jorey Ramer, Founder, Vice President of Corporate Development and a named inventor on the patent. "The patent issuance is the latest illustration of our commitment to invention and prominence of our thought leadership position."

About Jumptap

Jumptap is the global leader in mobile advertising solutions, providing superior performance and premium advertising solutions that run across the highest quality premium mobile ad network. Jumptap leverages its search technology and 16 operator relationships, to deliver the most advanced targeting intelligence for advertisers seeking the highest return on investment from their campaigns. We help over 100 publishers and application developers maximize advertising revenue from their mobile properties and enable carriers to maintain a profitable position in the advertising ecosystem by securely leveraging their data assets to build targeted user profiles The combination of Jumptap's innovative technology and relationships with carriers and premium publishers manifests itself in a mobile advertising solution suite that delivers significant value to the industry. Flagship offerings include: The Jumptap Premium Mobile Ad Network, which consists of top-grade operator and publisher inventory and developer applications (including iPhone) that Jumptap represents to advertisers and agencies; tapMatch, a Pay-Per-Click, global self service mobile ad marketplace that marries search technology and contextual data with keyword and categories to maximize performance for advertisers and optimize yield for publishers while managing the content quality for both; and tapLink, a sophisticated advertising platform that integrates operator and publisher data to manage and build sophisticated audience profiles. Media buys with Jumptap elicit higher engagement and a higher return on investment, as branded content sites have a greater impact on key metrics such as increased response rates, brand awareness and purchase intent. In addition, advertisers can maximize performance by reaching qualified mobile audiences with highly relevant ads that deliver increased click through rates and higher conversions. For more information, visit

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