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August 12, 2009 13:57 ET

USAPL Powerlifter Champion Mike Bridges Wins 5th Pan-Am World Title and Breaks World Records, Squat at 804 Lbs

Bridges Named Overall Victor at Pan-Am Powerlifting Championships

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - August 12, 2009) - ProMera health, marketer and distributor of CON-CRET, the world's first and only pure concentrated creatine, announces more incredible results from TEAM CON-CRET member Mike Bridges, after he won 4 gold medals in the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Overall Total in his weight class of 220 lbs at the 2009 IPF/NAPF/FESUPO Pan-American Powerlifting Championships in Miami, FL on August 8th. Weighing in at only 204 lbs, Mike not only went home with gold medals, but he also broke world records in the Deadlift at 650 lbs. and the Squat at an astonishing amount of 804 lbs. Mike's Squat was the best performance among all of the powerlifters in every weight class, dubbing him the 2009 Champion of the Pan-Am Powerlifting event.

"This competition ranks right up there with my best ever," said Champion Mike Bridges. "The 804 Squat rocketed so easily that I truly think I could have done much more... it's merely a step along the path to my all-time goal of a 1,000 lb Squat before I turn 60 years old!"

The "Living Legend" Mike Bridges has done it again -- winning world titles and making history. At 52 years of age of Peroria, IL, Bridges established five new world records (WR) in two events; accomplishing two WRs in the Squat at 716 lbs and then a final 804 lbs, and then opening up the Deadlift at a record of 540 lbs, second attempt at 600 lbs, and then re-established the WR with a final weight of 650 lbs. He also lifted an impressive amount of 501 lbs in the Bench Press, bringing his Total Weight for the 220 Class Rankings to 1955 lbs, the best overall. These new results now give Mike a total of 18 USAPL National Championship Titles and 14 IPF World Championship Titles in five Weight Classes, an accomplishment that no other athlete has done before.

"Mike's 804 lb Squat was his very best since he set the 837 lb record weighing in at 181 lbs back in his twenties," said Dan Onishuk of ProMera health. "Mike continues to amaze us with his results," Dan continued. "He is the only man over 50 years old that can out-lift every other contender in the competition, including those in the 242 lb and 275 lb weight classes. He truly is one-of-a-kind, whether in his 20s or even in his 50s."

There were 19 countries competing at the 2009 Pan-American Powerlifting event that ran from August 6-8, with over 300 men and women on the roster, making it the largest Pan-American Championship event ever. Bridges was originally slated to compete in the lower weight class again of 198 lbs, which he could have easily done at 204 lbs, but he moved up to the more competitive 220 lb weight class to help his US Men's Team win the Gold.

"Since I started taking CON-CRET almost two years ago, I have only improved in my performance and competitions, with some of my personal bests, even at my current age," said Bridges. "The USAPL and IPF Federations have the most stringent drug-testing and lifting guidelines in the industry," said Bridges. "As a member of these high-standard organizations, it's reassuring to know that I can take CON-CRET and receive steroid-like results in strength, endurance and muscle recovery, but not worry about failing any competition-related testing for banned substances."

Recent results of a creatine uptake study from The University of Nebraska Medical Center were presented at an ISSN sports summit in mid-June, proving that CON-CRET has better oral absorption, solubility (60% more soluble) and uptake into the bloodstream and muscles than any other existing creatine forms. To learn more about this study and how CON-CRET works, and to see pictures of Mike's squat on our blog, go to

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