October 29, 2013 10:40 ET

USDM, Leading Life Sciences Firm, Expands Services for Unique Device Identification (UDI), Pharmaceutical Serialization and e-Pedigree Programs

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) - USDM, a leading global regulatory consulting firm in the life sciences industry, is proud to announce their expansion of support around current and future device identification and track and trace regulations worldwide.

Countries all over the world are focusing on being able to prove the authenticity of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. In the medical device industry, the primary goals are to be able to prove authenticity and identify exactly which devices, including version of components and software, are in the hands of a patient or medical facility. In the pharmaceutical industry, track and trace programs are being implemented to prove authenticity and to stop counterfeit drugs from infiltrating the supply chain. The initiatives are drastically changing the way life science companies do business. 

USDM's expert UDI team is helping many life science companies plan and execute the changes and enhancements necessary to meet new device identification and track and trace regulations worldwide. Our team of subject matter experts assess products, the markets where they are sold and determine an implementation strategy for the changes that need to be made.

"We at USDM have been particularly successful in helping life science companies achieve their product identification program objectives and ensuring compliance with global regulations. We offer a well-structured framework and expertise to lead your company, your trading partners, your IT teams and your packaging equipment partners to compliance with global UDI and serialization/pedigree requirements," said James Macdonell, Vice President, Eastern Region at USDM.

About USDM:
USDM is a leading global regulatory consulting firm providing compliance, validation, qualification, quality auditing and information technology services via project teams and staff augmentation to our clients in the Medical Device, Biotechnology, Biologics, Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical industries. USDM has more than 12 years of experience supplying our clients in the life science industry with compliance services during each phase of their drug and product development cycle while partnering with best of breed organizations to help companies simplify, unify and optimize their business and compliance objectives.