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July 16, 2014 17:41 ET

Use the Golf18 Network's Email Marketing to Sell Your Tee Times

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - July 16, 2014) - The Golf18 Network has the email marketing tools your course needs to sell more tee times. Distributing tee times online is our specialty, and we have the experience and solutions to help your course. We've already helped hundreds of others increase revenue by booking more tee times. Now it's your turn.

Implement the Golf18 Network's email marketing solutions to increase revenue and book more tee times, contact your representative at (800) 994-0661 or click here.

The Golf18 Network sends course-branded email blasts for you once a week. These blasts contain valuable info about your tee time inventory and go directly to your dedicated database, putting underutilized tee times in front of golfers who are most likely to buy them. Now, Golf18 also features simple, one-click booking to make it even easier for customers to buy tee times direct from email blasts.

With Golf18's new self-admin tool you can also create your own customized email blasts that go out to your database whenever you change to your tee time inventory. You can use the self admin tool to send email blasts as often as you like. 

Of course, you control the times and prices in all email blasts the same way you do on the Golf18 Network as well as in the Golf18 Booking Engine that we can provide your website for FREE.

Basically, with our tools a large group of players with a history of enjoying your course receive a weekly listing of your tee times on Golf18. With the Golf18 self-admin, these tee times are customizable as you see fit, so you can tailor them exactly how you want. You determine the price. You determine the tee times. YOU control YOUR inventory. Using these email blasts is quick and easy. In fact, they go out automatically without requiring you to hit send every week.

To recap, here are the basics:

  • WHAT: Golf18 Email Marketing Solution
  • WHY: Increase revenue and book more tee times
  • WHO: Your dedicated database, filled with golfers who already enjoy playing your course
  • WHERE: Directly to golfers' emails, whether it be on their home computers or the smart phones in their pockets
  • WHEN: Automatically once a week
  • HOW MUCH: Absolutely free!

Implement the Golf18 Network's FREE email marketing solution to increase revenue and book more tee times, contact your representative at (800) 994-0661 or click here.

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