October 21, 2014 08:15 ET Introduces Enhanced Service Model

Partners With a 3rd Party Logistics Company to Offer Fully Managed Service to Buyers and Sellers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) -, Inc. (OTCQB: USEL) ("uSell"), a leading US-based re-Commerce marketplace that instantly finds cash offers for used smartphones and other electronics, announced today the launch of a new service called, "Managed by uSell." The new service greatly increases uSell's ability to control its customer experience and dramatically improves the scalability of the uSell platform.

In order to launch the Managed by uSell service, uSell has partnered with a 3rd party logistics company to inspect, wipe, and process devices before passing them along to the buyers offering the highest prices for each device. This ensures that buyers get exactly the devices that they bid for, while sellers are provided a fair appraisal and quick payment. Additionally, uSell has a scale advantage over the individual buyers in its network, so it is able to charge its buyers for the service at a discount to what these buyers can do themselves. This innovation is in line with previous enhancements to uSell's technology that leveraged its scale to control more of the customer experience, such as its shipping kit fulfillment service and its payment processing service.

"The release of Managed by uSell continues a three year long journey in the development of our technology," said Nik Raman, uSell's Chief Operating Officer. "Since the beginning of 2012, we have consistently invested in our marketplace platform with the intention of better controlling the customer experience while still leveraging the price competition in the marketplace. We have succeeded in building a system that minimizes inventory risk while offering a level of service that trumps anyone in the industry. Our competitors cannot compete with our leaner, technology based approach."

An additional benefit of the service is that uSell will be able to bring new buyers onto its platform more rapidly, without the risk of adding buyers that do not comply with uSell's operating standards. Because uSell will only ship devices to buyers after they have paid for them, it will be able to dynamically reroute orders in the event that a buyer cannot pay at a rate that is in line with uSell's service level agreements.

"The new technology that we have developed is aimed to reduce risk all around," said Raman, "This includes risk to sellers, risk to buyers, and risk to uSell. These reductions in risk will apply upward price pressure to our marketplace, which will in turn increase conversion rates, throughput, and customer satisfaction."

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uSell is a reCommerce marketplace that helps individuals turn unused items into cash. uSell ensures that customers get the highest payouts with the least amount of hassle by facilitating risk-free transactions with professional buyers. For uSell's buyers, uSell offers a scalable technology, marketing, logistics, and analytics solution that provides a high volume of inventory at a low acquisition cost. 

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