SOURCE: Checklist Boards Corporation

February 20, 2013 10:00 ET

Users Report That Checklist Boards Corp.'s Patient Safety Checklists Boards Reduce Medical Procedural Errors and Patient Infections in Hospital Setting

PITTSFORD, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2013) - Checklist Boards Corporation, ( announced their Custom designed Checklist Safety Boards have been proven to have a major impact on preventing patient errors and infections in Hospitals. The estimated cost of these errors to the healthcare system is a staggering $27 billion per year.

CEO Rick Taylor said, "Our customers continue to pro-actively report back to us their successes with the use of our interactive Checklist Safety Boards for various procedures in hospitals. It is very gratifying to receive this type of feedback and know that our easy to use safety tool is making a difference."

Taylor continued that, "We recently had a hospital in Florida report that in the two years they have used our interactive Checklist Boards for all invasive procedures, they have experienced fewer errors, increased patient safety and had zero wrong site procedures. A second hospital in New York reduced post-operative central line infections by 50%. A surgical team in Missouri was prompted to halt an on-going procedure when the Checklist safety board in the operating suite called attention to a possible negative drug interaction. Many of our customers have received best practices commendations by the Joint Commission. We are pleased to be partners in improving healthcare outcomes by reducing costly errors in the Hospitals."

According to the World Health Organization 500,000 people die each year due to preventable errors in hospital operating rooms. A recent Healthgrades study estimated 195,000 patients in the United States die annually due to preventable errors. The use of Checklists Boards in the operating room has been proven to reduce errors by over 30%. View a nurse demonstrating use of a pre-op Checklist Board at this link:

Checklist Boards Inc. ( manufactures acrylic boards in assorted sizes. These boards are mounted to be visible to the entire team during the procedural time out process. The board has sliders that are moved from Red to Green as the team goes through their checklist processes. Each board is custom designed for typical medical procedural events, such as Perioperative, Pre-op and Post-op, Interventional Radiology, ICU, Time Out, Count Boards, Patient Rooms, W.H.O. initiatives -- anywhere standard procedures are used. Our mission is to reduce medical procedure risk to patients by preventing errors thus saving lives. We offer cost effective tools to help medical professionals manage complex procedures and improve patient outcomes.

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