November 12, 2007 18:01 ET

USIS Commercial Services Launches Refer-e Electronic Verification -- Expedites Reference Checks, Improves Quality of Hires

TULSA, OK--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - USIS, a leader in employment screening, drug testing, and insurance services, and the largest provider of security investigations to the U.S. government, has launched Refer-e, an online service that improves the reference checking process for potential job candidates. The service is offered by USIS' commercial services business based in Tulsa, Okla.

Checking a candidate's references is a critical step in the hiring process. Yet, for most businesses, phone-based reference checks are costly, time-consuming, and can often leave the hiring manager with incomplete and even inaccurate information. Through Refer-e, a confidential, 360-degree-style process, employers can quickly and easily acquire an in-depth understanding of a candidate's past job performance.

Refer-e is offered by USIS through a partnership with SkillSurvey. SkillSurvey's PreHire 360 technology, upon which Refer-e is based, was recently named a Top 10 HR Product of 2007 by HR Executive Magazine.

Other benefits of Refer-e include:

--  Improving the quality of hires through the creation of a fully
    informed hiring decision that includes an accurate picture of a candidate's
    past job performance.
--  Increasing recruiter productivity by eliminating reference check phone
    calls and creating more time to focus on recruiting.
--  Allowing recruiters to fill jobs faster with an average turnaround
    time of approximately one-and-a-half days, as compared to three to five
    days via phone.
--  Decreasing the hiring risk through the use of a consistent,
    documented, and measurable reference-checking process.

"Using a service like Refer-e returns more information about a candidate's job skills in less time than traditional phone-based verifications," said Kyle Jacobsen, verifications product manager for USIS' commercial services business. "The hiring manager can make a more informed decision on a potential candidate, while also accelerating the hiring process. Quicker turnaround time for verifications is especially important in industries such as healthcare where qualified employees are constantly in high demand."

"USIS understands that delivering innovative, yet proven, solutions is essential for continued success in the pre-employment screening marketplace," said Jim Ray, vice president of business development for SkillSurvey. "We are very pleased to add USIS to our growing network of trusted business partners."

Jennifer Daniels, vice president of marketing for USIS' commercial services business, added that "USIS can bring this unique professional reference solution to the market faster because we leveraged SkillSurvey's proprietary technology through USIS' web ordering platform. In addition, Refer-e complements several innovative screening products recently introduced by USIS, including Driver Violation Alert (DVA), Fingerprint Collection, and Guardian National Sex Offender Search."

The most comprehensive solution in employment screening is to combine the Refer-e verifications service with additional background screening services offered by USIS' commercial services business. The company provides criminal records searches, credit reports, employment and education verifications, drug testing, and other products that already assist more than 33,000 customers across the U.S. in the healthcare, transportation, retail, insurance, gaming, manufacturing, and financial services industries.

About SkillSurvey:

SkillSurvey is the leading provider of online reference assessment solutions that increase quality of hire and improve recruiting efficiency. Using SkillSurvey, organizations improve the quantity and quality of information they collect regarding a candidate's past performance, resulting in a significant reduction in time and money spent on reference checking. This breakthrough, patent-pending approach to reference assessments is based on over 25 years of research in job competency modeling.

About USIS:

Established in 1996, USIS helps businesses, federal agencies, and institutions protect critical assets, evaluate information, and identify and mitigate risk. The company offers a broad range of services including pre-employment and drug screening services, background investigations, business intelligence and risk management solutions, and national security services. The company provides its specialized, customer-focused services to clients ranging from the federal government and major retailers to small businesses and local law enforcement agencies.

USIS' three divisions include the Investigative Services Division, the largest supplier of background investigations to the U.S. Government; the Commercial Services Division, a leading provider of pre-employment and drug screening services to commercial clients nationwide; and the National Security Division, which provides national security services on a global basis that support mission critical needs. Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., USIS has approximately 7,000 employees supporting business operations in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and overseas. For more information visit

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