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May 16, 2012 09:30 ET

UST Global Unveils Strategies for Helping CIOs Turn the Consumerization of IT Into a Win for the Enterprise

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2012) - The consumerization of IT is not something to manage, it's something to leverage, according to a new article unveiled today by UST Global®.

Social sites like Facebook® and mobile devices like the iPad® have turned employees into uber-consumers of technology. As a result, expectations for enterprise IT are sky-high. UST Global CIO Tony Velleca sees this as an opportunity for CIOs to embrace those expectations while improving overall enterprise productivity with better apps.

Velleca shares these strategies in a new article titled "The Facebook Standard: Consumers Raise the Bar for Enterprise IT." Read the full article here.

"Fifteen years ago the enterprise led the way in IT," said Velleca. "Consumers kept up with emerging technologies mostly to the extent that they were exposed to them at work. Today, employees experience fast, mobile, intuitive technologies and apps in their personal lives. They expect the same in their professional lives. And if the workplace doesn't provide it, they'll just bring their own.

"But savvy CIOs will recognize this as an opportunity to leverage the new standards to get more out of their enterprise apps to increase productivity overall."

Bryan Britz, Research Director from Gartner, agrees: "Consumerization is unquestionably a mega-trend in the IT services industry. Increasingly innovation is entering the enterprise as a result of consumer oriented and originated concepts. IT services providers that embrace the consumerization force are best positioned to help CIOs meet the raised expectations for consumer grade usability delivered with enterprise grade availability."

According to Velleca, there are a few different ways to define the consumerization of IT. It can refer to the use of personal technology in the workplace -- smartphones, tablets, apps, etc. It also can refer to the effect that these consumer-friendly technologies have on an individual's expectation of how enterprise technology should function.

In either case, the consumerization of IT is raising the bar for enterprise IT in several ways:

1 -- No Training Allowed

Any enterprise app today must be so intuitive that using it does not require training. Employees should be able to log in, click around and figure it out. That's the process they're used to with just about everything else they do.

2 -- Multi-Channel is a Must

Your enterprise apps must be available on every single device: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Employees need and want anywhere, anytime access.

3 -- Shift From Transactional to Social

To be useful, enterprise apps should be built to be social rather than transactional.

A social page gives individual employees a work list that integrates everything related to meeting their deadlines and getting things done. Priorities bubble up to the top, versus having to drill down to find them.

4 -- Adapt Your HR Policies

As organizations become more collaborative and flexible, the challenge can be in creating HR policies that address these new styles of communication. Along with enforcing strict privacy and security guidelines, consider creating policies that protect work/life balance even in this always-on environment -- making it clear when a possible after-hours response is needed, and when it is not.

"The consumerization of IT requires more than simply making room in the enterprise for the personal technologies that people are using," said Velleca. "It's about adapting our approach to business systems and apps to reflect the huge paradigm shift in the way people communicate today."

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