SOURCE: Cherilyn Eagar for U.S. Congress

Cherilyn Eagar for U.S. Congress

January 24, 2012 11:05 ET Poll Shows GOP Candidate Cherilyn Eagar Leading in Utah's 2nd Congressional District

Eagar Attributes Listening to Constituents, 30 Years of Principled Public Service & Consistent Message of Economic Prosperity as Contributors to Poll Success

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - A poll of Utah's 2nd District that surveyed 1,291 Salt Lake County Republican activists named businesswoman and conservative activist Cherilyn Eagar the double-digit front runner with a 10-point lead.

Pleased by the survey results, Eagar acknowledged that the majority of poll participants were still undecided, and that much hard work remains before the Utah Republican caucus meetings on March 15.

"As the last few weeks on the presidential campaign trail have clearly shown, without hard work and determination, poll numbers do not translate into actual votes no matter the race," said Eagar. "However, given the amount of mileage I have put on my car over the past several months, today's poll is additional affirmation that our campaign's core message, Restoring the American Dream, is resonating loud and clear with Utahns."

Eagar continued, "I've called every delegate and spoken personally to as many as possible about what they want me to do to fix Washington, D.C. Utahns get it. They want less Washington, more Utah."

Cherilyn Eagar sets herself apart from Utah GOP opponents in four distinct areas as the best candidate to serve constituents in Utah's 2nd Congressional District:

  • Over 30 Years of Public Service Experience. Eagar is the only 2nd District candidate with a proven conservative track record spanning 30 years. From the local school board to the state legislature, to Congress and the United Nations, she has consistently represented Utah's conservative values. Eagar has provided research for the Utah legislature, for the U.S. Senate floor, and she has attended UN conferences, recently leading a delegation representing the traditional family.

  • Life-long Constitutional Conservative. Eagar is the only candidate that has been a life-long proponent of The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution. She's the national chair of Constitutional Studies for Eagle Forum, a national conservative organization that President Reagan relied on for family and fiscal policy advice.

  • Strong Business Background. She understands personally the danger of government encroachment on the private sector through her personal experience with how the government has taken over the real estate and mortgage industries. As vice president of WebsTarget, her company has established a national reputation of helping tens of thousands real estate agents nationally to use cutting-edge technology to keep their businesses prosperous, even in a troubled economy.

  • She's Not for Sale. Unlike many already elected officials or those trying to get elected to Congress, Eagar is not for sale and never will be; she has no business conflicts of interest, which include zero government contracts.

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About Cherilyn Eagar
With a lifetime of conservative political experience, Cherilyn Eagar has served her community in charitable, family advocacy and conservative political activist roles. In 2010, Eagar ran for the U.S. Senate seat in Utah and was recognized for presenting the "most inspirational speech of the day" at the Utah Republican Convention. She continues to be involved in many issues, providing strategic leadership, research and solutions in connection with pending legislation at the state, national, and international levels. For more information about Cherilyn Eagar, go to or Facebook and Twitter.

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