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March 18, 2014 17:00 ET

Utah's Nuisance Birds Look Forward to the Coming of Spring

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - March 18, 2014) - Having a California Gull represent Utah as its state bird may sound odd but once the important role it played in saving early settlers' crops from a plague of crickets is explained, people appreciate why it was named to such a lofty perch.

What commercial facility and property managers in Utah may have a harder time coming to appreciate is the threat gulls, pigeons, sparrows and other nuisance birds pose to commercial facilities.

Nuisance birds threaten Utah's food processing, storage and distribution centers, as well as retail and office facilities, with their corrosive and disease laden droppings. And as winter comes to a close these flying pests are looking to establish nesting sites to raise their offspring.

AJ Treleven, service center manager for Sprague Pest Solutions in Salt Lake City, says the large flat roofs of commercial facilities act as an artificial "beach" for gulls. The gulls, which can number in the hundreds, can cause significant structural damage by their constant pecking.

In addition to threatening the structural integrity the presence of gulls or pigeons leads to unsightly and unhealthy droppings that contain disease causing bacteria including listeria, a serious threat to a food processing facility.

"Listeria and other bacteria can be introduced to a food processing or warehousing facility simply by an employee walking through bird droppings outside an entrance on their way into work or from a break," says Treleven.

Utah's nuisance birds are non-migratory and threaten commercial facilities year around. They are attracted to commercial facilities because of the available food and water sources; warm nesting sites (i.e. near exhaust vents) and the protection roofs offer from predators.

To deter nuisance birds from congregating and establishing nesting sites this spring, Sprague Pest Solutions recommends commercial property managers reduce both standing water as the winter snow melts and food spillage near dumpsters.

Sprague's Treleven says the company employs a comprehensive approach to prevent nuisance birds from establishing nesting sites through the use of netting and deterrents.

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