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February 14, 2007 08:00 ET

Utilicraft Freight Tracking System Initial Test Completed

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 14, 2007 -- Utilicraft Aerospace Industries Inc. (OTCBB: UITA) announced today that as of last week, it has completed initial testing of the airborne component of the Company's ETA electronic freight tracking system. The AirCell ST 3100 satellite system, which was provided by AirCell LLC of Louisville, Colorado, was installed late last year on the Company's leased Cessna 414A aircraft.

The airborne tests were limited to voice communications conducted primarily in the desert southwestern region of the United States to simulate remote airborne freight tracking around the world where the FF-1080-300ER is expected to have its greatest markets.

The Company is now ready to accelerate the program to data transmission linked to an internet server for world-wide electronic tracking of freight, simulating future tracking of freight by operators flying FF-1080-300ER aircraft, once produced and in service.

Description of the ETA Freight Tracking System

The "Express Turn-Around" (ETA) electronic freight tracking system is a completely automatic freight management and control system. The patented system, which integrates currently available components, automatically accumulates and transmits real-time information on cargo handled by the aircraft to the carrier's aircraft dispatch and freight management center. The cargo containers (LD-3s and various standard industry containers) are identified by bar codes on the side of the container. The codes are read by bar code readers installed on both sides of each cargo door as the containers are moved on and off the FF-1080-300ER aircraft. As the containers are loaded, they are automatically weighed. The identification and weight of individual containers are stored in a portable central processing unit (CPU) located on board the aircraft, which also records and stores each container's on-load/off-load status, specific aircraft identification, date, time and place by means of the aircraft's Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation system. This stored information is transmitted to the operator's control center by means of a data communications system which transmits automatically. This management information system reduces station workload at remote locations, allows pre-planning at the hub for rapid freight transfer, provides real-time information on specific shipments in the hub feed route segments, and operates without any work or activation by the pilot or ground loading crews.

Recently Market News First's Mike Willingham wrote a full analyst report on Utilicraft Aerospace Industries which could be found at www.MN1.Com.

About Utilicraft Aerospace Industries:

Utilicraft Aerospace Industries, Inc. was formed to implement a system solution to the current problem of declining capacity in the short haul (or feeder) route segments of the air cargo and overnight express companies.

The FF-1080-300ER Freight Feeder aircraft is a new air vehicle which is the result of Utilicraft's extensive research and development. The FF-1080-300ER is revolutionary because of its capability to carry standard industry air containers on short-to-medium range/medium density routes combined with the aircraft's integrated air cargo information system for the freight feed market.

The FF-1080-300ER is an all-aluminum twin-engine, high-wing, un-pressurized, fixed gear, single pilot capable, turboprop aircraft, specifically designed as a utility air freight transport system. The aircraft satisfies an industry-recognized need to cost-effectively feed containerized air cargo to the major hubs of the scheduled passenger carriers and the overnight express airlines.

The aircraft is also designed for short take-off and landing (STOL) capability. This feature makes the FF-1080-300ER the only short-haul, heavy-lift containerized feeder aircraft capable of cost-effectively transporting ten revenue tons over two thousand nautical miles from airfields with less than 3,500 feet of runway, expanding air cargo capacity to many smaller cities and airports worldwide.

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