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Enersource Corporation

March 06, 2006 16:10 ET

Utility Joint Venture to Facilitate Conservation Through Individual Metering Systems in Multi-Unit Applications

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 6, 2006) -

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Last week at the Enercom 2006 electricity industry conference in Toronto, two of Ontario's most innovative and progressive utilities, Enersource Corporation and Oakville Hydro Corporation announced the launch of Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems Inc., a new joint venture between their affiliates, Enersource Hydro Mississauga Services Inc. and Oakville Hydro Energy Systems Inc. ("OHESI"), offering turn key smart metering solutions to utilities across Ontario.

"We're pleased to have our non-regulated affiliate involved in bringing practical meter solutions to multi-occupancy markets," said Gunars Ceksters, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enersource Corporation. "We are interested in bringing the benefits of more sophisticated metering to all consumers, and have done so in our regulated utility as well by modernizing our metering policies, undertaking smart meter pilot projects and working with others to gear up to meet the province's smart metering targets for existing single meter customers."

"Since 1999, Oakville Hydro has been installing meters that record the amount of electricity used, at the specific time it is used, in individual condominium units. This technology will give our customers the option to shift some of their electricity usage to when power prices are lower. This is a crucial step towards creating a culture of energy conservation and demand reduction in Ontario. With our joint venture partner - Enersource Corporation - we are looking forward to bringing this capability to the wider Ontario market," said Alex Bystrin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oakville Hydro Inc."

With a focus on the multi-unit residential, retail and commercial markets, Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems distributes and installs the Quadlogic smart meter, a proven technology in the Ontario energy industry with thousands of installations already implemented. As well-established energy service providers in the Province, both EHMSI and OHESI offer extensive electricity metering and energy management experience to this new joint venture.

Managing Directors of Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems Inc., David Graham and Bob Myers, both present at Enercom 2006, were very pleased with the busy reception around the launch of this new venture during the conference. "Industry reaction reaffirms our perception of the market demand for this service," said David Graham. "Installation of the Quadlogic smart meter is quickly becoming a key part of an electric utility's demand side energy management plan in an effort to pro-actively help their consumer's manage energy consumption."

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About Enersource Corporation

Enersource Corporation is a diversified energy and technologies company focusing on quality of service with the distribution of electricity in the City of Mississauga, the promotion and delivery of conservation and smart metering solutions to meet government objectives, and increasing involvement in distributed generation to enhance provincial electricity supply. Enersource Corporation is 90% owned by the City of Mississauga, and 10% owned by BPC Energy Corporation ("Borealis"), a subsidiary of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System.

About Oakville Hydro Corporation

Oakville Hydro Corporation is a recognized leader in the Distribution, Energy Services and Communications sector. It serves the electrical energy and communications needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers in one of the most fastest growing regions of Ontario through its three well integrated divisions, Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc., Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc. and Blink Communications, a high-speed fibre optic communications network service provider. With over 2500 residential Quadlogic Smart Meters installed, Oakville Hydro has shown its commitment to energy conservation and its leadership in the provinces Smart Meter Initiative.

About Golden Horseshoe Metering System's Quadlogic Solution:

In this joint venture Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc. and Enersource Hydro Mississauga Services Inc. are using Quadlogic meters for new multi-residential construction and also for retro-fitting existing high-rise condominium buildings from bulk metering to individual metering. Oakville Hydro has been installing Quadlogic on all new multi-residential services since 1999 and on all detached residential for over 2 years.

The PLC technology makes Quadlogic the optimum choice for metering multi-residential buildings as it eliminates the need for running communication wires throughout a building. The 5 amp Current Transformers also provide for easy and economical meter replacement without power outages, an attractive function for Utilities when it comes to reverification. The meter systems are available with Manufactures "IQ" meter interrogation software, and can be read using MV-90, PrimeRead and terminal emulation programs.

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