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February 17, 2017 15:00 ET

VA Seeks Contractor to Provide Repair Services at Cold Harbor National Cemetery

MECHANICSVILLE, VA--(Marketwired - February 17, 2017) - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration released on Friday, February 17 a solicitation for a contractor to repair a garage at Cold Harbor National Cemetery.

The VA has set aside this opportunity for a 100 percent Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. The applicable and relevant North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code is 238910.

The VA estimates the magnitude of work to be between $25,000 and $100,000.

The contractor who receives the award must provide all tools, labor, materials, equipment, and professional design services to lift and stabilize the garage foundation, repair and tuck point walls, and replace deteriorated fascia and roof joists.

Other services the VA expects the contractor to provide include:

  • Stabilize and lift the garage additional foundation, repair and tuck point walls, and replace deteriorated fascia and roof joists.
  • Disconnect power to building at the pole mounted transformer (which contractor must coordinate and schedule with the power company and cemetery).
  • Remove shrubs, ornamental grass, mulch, and top soil along east and north walls.
  • Remove gutter and down spout along the north wall of the garage.
  • Roll back a three-foot section of membrane roofing to allow for repair to the wall and wooden roof joist.
  • Provide tarp(s) to cover open roof section during construction.
  • Provide temporary wall and roof bracing to support partial deconstruction of the north wall and the replacement of the wooden roof joist immediately adjacent to the east wall.
  • Remove frieze board and crown molding along east wall.
  • Hand excavate soil from the entire east side of the garage and around the north side to the boarded door way. (There is at least one pipe that runs along the east wall of the foundation as well as a sump pump discharge pipe).
  • Document the foundation condition in photos and sketches that depict the foundation depth, soil type, and any major structural failures. Also provide helical pier design specifications and locations that will lift the foundation where it has settled and prevent or stabilize the foundation from potential settlement at other locations along the garage east wall. A professional engineer must stamp the submittals.
  • Install helical piers and lift foundation per approved plan.
  • Fill any gaps under the lifted foundation with polyurethane foam.
  • Back fill and compact to the top of the piers with a well graded soil.
  • Back fill to the top of the foundation with retained top soil.
  • Deconstruct the structural three-width brick north wall.
  • Remove at least one full brick width on either side of the crack throughout the wall thickness.
  • Carefully remove adhered mortar and lightly brushing off the brick.
  • Segregate bricks on pallets for according to whether they are structurally sound or not for reconstruction. (Assume that 30 percent of the existing bricks removed will need to be replaced).
  • Complete submittals before beginning reconstruction of the wall, including the mortar design, paint specifications, etc.
  • Rebuild the wall incorporating rectangular or Z ties to connect the interior brick course to the exterior brick and to tie the north wall and east wall together at the corner.
  • Install new pressure treated roof joist and joist spacing block on the upper section of the wall before it is completed.
  • Install a 12 x24 x1/4 metal plate behind the two bolts securing the power connection plate to the east wall.
  • Remove mortar and brick high points behind the plate and smooth the surface so that mounted plate will distribute power cable tensile load over a larger area of the wall.
  • Tuck point cracks on east and south walls and area at least one brick width on either side of the crack in such a way that makes it difficult to determine were the crack was located.
  • Tuck point the cold joint between the lodge and the garage south wall.
  • Replace frieze boards, fascia boards, batten boards, and crown molding, then brush on a primer.
  • Remove all loose paint from garage roof cornice wood, caulk, and paint to match existing color.
  • Reconstruct roof per original design.
  • If roofing membrane was damaged, install a patch the full depth of the roof that laps onto existing undisturbed membrane.
  • Install new gutter and down spout to match existing. Down spout to drain on to new 18 x48 x4 precast concrete splash block directed north.
  • After the cemetery accepts all tuck pointing, painting, and roofing, replace original plants and shrubs to match original configuration. (If plants have died during the construction period, contractor must replace with the same or alternative plants, which the COR must approve).

All proposals priced between $35,000 and $150,000 require one of the alternative payment protections below under this solicitation:

  • Payment Bond
  • Irrevocable letter of credit
  • Tripartite Escrow Agreement

The contractor who receives the award must complete the work within 30 calendar days.

Interested contractors must respond to this solicitation by no later than March 6, at 2 p.m. EST. Direct all responses and questions to Contracting Officer Kenneth Dougherty at

To receive the contract, contractors also must be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) database, and have as part of the Registration all current Representations and Certifications.

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