December 18, 2006 07:00 ET

Vaau Announces the Next Generation of Role Engineering and Identity Compliance

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 18, 2006 -- Vaau, an innovator in role engineering and identity compliance software and services, today announced the release of a new version of its flagship RBACx software solution. With this new release, organizations can build an Identity Warehouse to manage the interrelationships between user identities, policies, and business processes through a continuous process of identity auditing, identity correlation reengineering, and identity certification.

RBACx 2007 delivers significant advancements in four primary areas:

--  Identity Warehouse - RBACx allows organizations to build an Identity
    Warehouse that contains user information and their entitlements.  RBACx is
    the only solution that allows organizations to build a deep and
    hierarchical warehouse of user entitlements.  RBACx has a unique and easy
    way to configure a 'meta-data' model that can be used to define detailed
    and hierarchical attributes. Organizations can use this Identity Warehouse
    to understand 'who has access to what?' in the environment and perform
    reporting, analytics, certification, auditing, role engineering and role
--  Role Engineering - RBACx includes a sophisticated role engineering
    module for data mining, identity correlation, and risk management.  RBACx
    delivers robust 'identity correlation reengineering' capabilities, an
    innovative approach towards traditional role engineering techniques.
    Organizations can now take advantage of the RBACx role engineering module
    to identify a multitude of identity related correlations and use that
    information to develop and apply application and enterprise level security
--  Identity Auditing and Inter-Application Management - Security controls
    such as Segregation of Duty (SoD) rules, user roles, and access policies
    can be defined within one application or across multiple applications to
    form a true enterprise-wide control structure.  RBACx offers both
    preventive (in collaboration with identity management tools) and detective
    methods to ensure security controls are properly applied and enforced.
--  Identity Certification - RBACx delivers comprehensive certification
    functionality including time-based certification of user's granular
    entitlements, the ability to establish an auditing baseline and certify
    incremental changes to that baseline, and the ability to certify different
    types of users on unique schedules.  RBACx uses a continuous process of
    auditing entitlements, rules, approvals, and exceptions to feed the
    certification module, which ensures policy violations are corrected by
    Management and reports and risks are certified for compliance purposes.
"Traditional role mining and identity auditing techniques have proven to be only partially effective in building a true role based access control infrastructure that will meet today's stringent regulatory requirements," said Amad Fida, Vice President of Development at Vaau. "RBACx was designed to meet the needs of the Manager and Auditor by allowing controls to be applied that fit the organizational structure, and by providing a mechanism to quickly and accurately produce evidence of regulatory compliance."

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