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July 07, 2008 09:30 ET

ValCom Relocates Corporate Offices With New Studios

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwire - July 7, 2008) - ValCom, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VLCO) (FRANKFURT: VAM), a leader in providing production facilities for television broadcast programming and related services, announced it is relocating its corporate office to Clearwater, Florida. ValCom's new studio facilities were formally known as Keyframe Studios.

The opening of the offices at 14375 Myer Lake, Clearwater, Florida 33760, expands the company's services and the increased presence in the southeastern region represents the latest move to expand ValCom's business worldwide.

Mr. Vellardita, President and CEO of ValCom, stated, "I am very excited with the future outlook of the company pertaining to relocating to Clearwater and the new studio facilities. This move gives the company the opportunity to provide its services to third parties and produce its own content while providing other avenues for generating revenues and serving the needs of our corporate clients. Our clients will benefit from our team of local representatives who understand the region's unique market requirements and practices."

About ValCom:

ValCom, Inc., based in Clearwater, Florida, operates as a diversified entertainment company involved in the rental of studios for television production network and syndication programming and motion pictures. The company also leases sound stages, as well as owns a library of television content. In addition, it supplies and rents cameras, personnel and production equipment to various production companies. Further, ValCom produces television programs, motion pictures and live theater. The company was founded in 1983 and has in operations in Clearwater, FL. It all begins at the core of ValCom with its multi-million dollar studio facility in Clearwater, Florida. With 3 stages, the state-of-the-art facility complete with all amenities is continuously booked and is a favorite of major film studios and television networks. Their ability to skillfully serve the third party needs as well as their own is the key to ValCom's success. ValCom has provided its services to many projects including Paramount's prime time CBS series, "Jag" and "NCIS," as well as Fox Kid's powerhouse, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." With the increase of production around the world, ValCom's motion picture and television Division focuses on creating a ranging stream of motion pictures, made for TV Movies and Television projects with worldwide commercial appeal, low risk, in a cost efficient manner. ValCom capitalizes on and maximizes the value of its growing library of over 143 films and 10 television series by official orca straitening distribution of its television programming and film projects through its congenial business relationships with producers, distributors, and broadcasters both domestically and around the world. ValCom capitalized on third party production opportunities by providing distribution and production in a low-risk, cost-efficient manner. The Company will be differentiated from the major studios by its ability to maintain a low overhead and cost structure, its ability to be attentive and responsive to client broadcasters, and by its commitment to undertake only those projects that have sound business prospects and attractive profit potential.

To capitalize on this exploding market, ValCom manages a state-of-the-art studio facility in Clearwater, FL with multiple sound stages and other locations in Palm Springs, California and Las Vegas, NV. It also includes production equipment and production logistic support. By utilizing its studios and equipment, the Company will create a prominent independent studio facility and will be in the premier position to produce and distribute programming economically via both Internet and Broadcast mediums. The new studios will provide DS-3 Internet services, satellite uplink broadcast, recording, production and other services that create a full service production facility.

ValCom, Inc. is a diversified and vertically integrated, independent, entertainment company. ValCom, Inc., through its operating divisions and subsidiaries, creates and operates full service facilities that accommodate film, television and commercial productions with its four divisions comprised of: studio, film and television, live theater production and broadcast television. ValCom's client list consists of all of the majors such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, ABC, CBS, Sony, NBC, BET, MTV. For additional information visit the company's web site at

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