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February 13, 2007 14:31 ET

Valentine's Day No Longer a Hop, Skip, and a Bad Date Away

The World of Wikis Can Now Offer the Same Comforts as a Pint of Ben & Jerry's, and With Less Calories!

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 13, 2007 -- It's obvious -- people just don't know how to date anymore. They may have read thousands of books telling them how to pick up beautiful women or ensnare a Wall Street mogul, craft a successful profile or brand themselves like a tube of mint toothpaste, but they are missing a simple, straightforward volume that tells them how to play nice with others. They're missing that Miss Manners of mating, that Emily Post for the postmodern, that handy blue bible full of universally accepted tips on how to behave while courting.

Smart and savvy, funny and informative, Diane Mapes, author of "How to Date in a Post-Dating World" (Sasquatch Books), fills this niche, offering the dating distressed romantic etiquette for the twenty-first century. For decades, would-be suitors have leaned on friends, relatives, and coworkers for help in finding the one. It still takes a village. Now, singles can find that village online on the "How to Date" Wiki ( The rules of engagement have changed and this site will put you on the cutting edge of this post-dating world.

Mapes interviewed singles far and wide, mingling their stories with advice from respected dating gurus and sociologists to bring together a complete guide for the desperate, the downtrodden, and the dating-confused. In conducting research the one thing Mapes heard loud and clear from singles is "Dating sucks!" Since there are 110 million singles in America right now, this could mean that the nation is facing a crisis of the loneliest proportions. The "How to Date" Wiki shares user-generated content ranging from dating advice to romance-book reviews to real-life dating stories. Better yet, it lets readers list and rank the best online dating sites. One of the more popular sections, "Suzanne's Nine Simple Internet Dating Rules for Men," attracts user comments about advice like: "Don't say you're looking for a woman who 'likes to laugh' or 'likes to have fun.' Who doesn't like to laugh? Who hates having fun? You might as well write, 'Looking for a woman who breathes air.'"

This Wiki is just one example of the way users take advantage of Wetpaint's user-generated platform that addresses just about every topic under the sun. "How to Date" joins the ranks of more than 200,000 Wikis that have been created by Wetpaint users since their launch in June of 2006.

The "How to Date" site is a union between two Seattle-based companies: Sasquatch Books ( and Wetpaint (, creator of the consumer and collaborator-friendly Wiki. By working together to create an online community for singles seeking singles, the companies are expanding the borders for the romantically inclined. If a book publisher and internet company can find matrimonial bliss, anything's possible!

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