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September 08, 2016 14:35 ET

Valicor Finds New Use for Off-Spec Products

MONROE, OH--(Marketwired - September 08, 2016) - Valicor announces an expanded network of secondary use marketers to find new uses for off-spec products.

Phrases like; "this batch is off-spec" are used in every production facility. And while companies continually strive to achieve zero defects, today, they must deal with off-spec loads.

Todd Pees, Product Director for Valicor, says; "Companies have a lot to consider when managing off-spec products. They need to free-up their docks and warehouse space for ready-to-ship loads, they need to consider their environmental impact, they need to consider their brand image, and they need to consider costs."

Indeed, the days of simply sending an off-spec load away with a refuse company are long gone - if they ever legitimately existed for highly visible brands in the first place. Which is how Valicor became involved with managing off-spec products. As Dave Emrick, Product Manager at Valicor states; "Over years of managing waste fluids for companies that didn't want petroleum based byproducts to hit landfills, we developed an expertise at recovering and repurposing byproducts. To make that work, we spent thousands of hours in laboratories and developed relationships with marketers who understand the needs of secondary use markets."

With this mindset, Valicor developed an off-spec and expired CPG products service. Through laboratory testing and numerous trials, the ability to re-blend and extract byproducts during a de-packaging process was perfected. So today, almost any product determined off-spec or expired can provide value in a secondary market to ease the environmental and cost impact for CPG companies.

Pees adds; "We simply needed to expand our network of marketers to offer any USA-based facility a cost-effective option for putting off-spec and expired products to use - without the worry of their proprietary blends leaving the protection of our digitally monitored facilities and vehicles."

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