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June 24, 2009 10:15 ET

Value Reseller Private Label Web Host Acquires Javascript Zoom

Javascript Application Free for All Value Reseller Customers and Demonstrates Company's Commitment to Helping Reseller Partners Succeed

FLEMINGTON, NJ--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - Value Reseller, an industry leading provider of private label reseller web hosting services, today announced the acquisition of Javascript Zoom, a Javascript application that enables users to zoom in and focus closely on web site objects.

Javascript Zoom is ideal for zooming in on products and image galleries displayed on e-commerce sites and sophisticated web sites. Users simply move their cursor and a virtual lens appears and magnifies the object. Right-clicking opens an options menu that allows the user to adjust the lens size or increase the resolution. There are also advanced settings that provide viewing lenses of varying sizes and shapes.

Value Reseller has acquired ownership of the application and will license it to all reseller partners free of charge. Resellers have the choice of monetizing the script or offering it free to customers as an add-on service. The application has the benefit of being a strong differentiator and demonstrates the reseller's ability to deliver extra value to the customer. Javascript Zoom is ideal for reseller hosting providers serving developers and web designers -- a demographic that is always on the look out for innovative new tools and features. Value Reseller is owned by Realware, a Managed Service, Application Service and Security Provider.

"We are extremely excited about bringing this technology in-house. Value Reseller is deeply committed to serving its reseller partners in every way possible and we acquired Javascript Zoom with that objective in mind," stated Ali Davachi, CEO of Realware. "In a business as competitive as hosting it is not easy to separate from the pack. We saw an opportunity to help our reseller partners do exactly that by giving them a tool that helps people build attractive and feature-rich web sites. This is the epitome in value and we stepped up to the plate and made sure we could provide this exclusively for our partners."

Javascript Zoom only works in Javascript-enabled web browsers. Browsers already tested include IE6, IE7, IE8 (beta), Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3.x, Chrome, Safari 3.x and Opera. Javascript Zoom does not require the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Value Reseller provides a completely private label reseller hosting solution to web designers, developers and smaller hosting companies. Reseller partners get access to a world-class hosting operation with a cloud-based infrastructure that is guaranteed to deliver 100% uptime. Value Reseller does not compete at the retail level against its partners and is fully committed to helping them succeed. The Javascript Zoom acquisition is an example of how Value Reseller has continually invested in a full suite of products and services designed to augment hosting and generate additional revenue streams.

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Value Reseller, established in 1998 with facilities in Boston, MA and Jersey City, NJ, is a privately owned private label web hosting provider focused exclusively on the reseller market. Hosting services offered include shared hosting, enterprise virtualization, virtual private and dedicated servers, and are available for both the Windows and Linux operating systems. All of Value Reseller's services are backed by a leading edge datacenter infrastructure and network, and supported live 24/7/365 by technicians and customer service professionals. Value Reseller features a next-generation hosting platform built on the principles of cloud computing, making it possible to guarantee 100% uptime availability. This platform is the foundation from which Value Reseller has been able to offer customers hosting for unlimited domains -- one of the biggest breakthroughs in web hosting over the past 10 years. Value Reseller is committed to enabling the success of its resellers and does not participate in the retail market in competition with its partners. With a complete private label service, web developers, ISPs, design shops and Internet professionals have everything they need to build a successful hosting business or enhance their existing offerings. Learn more about Value Reseller at

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