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April 03, 2012 05:00 ET

ValueCentric Advances Its Healthcare Intelligence Platform With v5.0 Release

Significant Enhancements Reinforce Foundation of Popular Data-Driven Decision Making Platform for Healthcare Industry

ORCHARD PARK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 3, 2012) - ValueCentric LLC, the leader in connected healthcare intelligence, today announced the release of ValueTrak v5.0. The next step in the continuing evolution of the company's award-winning healthcare intelligence platform, ValueTrak 5.0, drives informed decisions that optimize product lifecycle management for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies.

ValueTrak 5.0 offers an enriched user experience for enterprise healthcare manufacturers. Enhancements delivered in ValueTrak 5.0 include an elegantly logical Executive Dashboard, robust Demand Signals Alerts, and REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) Program support, which build upon the already powerful ValueTrak platform.

"ValueTrak 5.0 represents the most advanced purpose-built healthcare data intelligence platform available in the industry," said Cameron Hall, Director of Product Marketing for ValueCentric. "Since its debut nearly ten years ago, ValueTrak has created and continues to define a unique category of analytic technology that delivers accurate, actionable information specifically for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies. Thanks in part to the success of ValueTrak, data-driven decision making has moved from a 'nice-to-have' to a 'have-to-have' for healthcare companies, and ValueTrak 5.0 delivers enhancements that exceed those growing requirements."

ValueTrak's accurate, granular, near real-time reports empower healthcare companies to take control of their most critical sales and market data, resulting in enhanced business performance and more meaningful connections with their channel partners. Consistent insights into channel activity can stimulate data-driven decision making, leading to more effective sales and marketing plans, judicious use of commercial resources, methodically-smart product lifecycle strategies, and an overall better return on corporate investment.

Demand Signals Alerts
Demand Signals Alerts, a new module offered in ValueTrak 5.0, allows users to configure and generate channel activity alerts which provide valuable insight into the demand for their products, the ability to monitor product launch activities, help in determining the efficacy of marketing programs, and aid in managing the loss of exclusivity associated with mature products as they move through their lifecycle. Alerts notify users immediately when their defined thresholds have been crossed, including first and second time purchases, out-of-stock alerts, unexpected return quantities and notifications when outlet demand spikes or drops.

ValueTrak Executive Dashboards
ValueTrak's Executive Dashboards improve upon the already impressive ValueTrak experience users enjoy, allowing them to customize reports and view the data most important to them. Dashboards can be created using current ValueTrak reports - with options to display graphs, pie charts, data grids and alerts. Additionally, the dashboards feature an intuitive tabbed interface, making it possible to both build individual report panes which focus on specific supply chain challenges and opportunities, and easily switch between dashboards. These logical viewing options offer a pleasant and productive user work session, with faster, more efficient reporting results.

REMS Program Support
The release of ValueTrak 5.0 ushers in ValueCentric's support for FDA-mandated Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) programs. ValueCentric's REMS support includes the new "Mass Balance Reporting" capability within the ValueTrak application. Pharmaceutical companies can view shipments, inventory and sales information along with prescription-fulfillment activity across all REMS-eligible locations, providing unparalleled insight into the channel activity of REMS products. With this in-depth understanding of data, organizations are alerted to potential distribution and diversion issues at any level of the supply chain, promoting a confident position of insight and diligence related to the safe distribution and dispensing of sensitive products.

In addition to the REMS Mass Balance Reporting, ValueTrak 5.0 also includes a REMS Wholesaler Portal for distributors to access registered pharmacy databases that reflect authorized points of supply, ensuring legitimate distribution is occurring across the supply chain.

ValueTrak 5.0, including all of its features, is now commercially available for customers throughout North America.

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As the leader in connected healthcare intelligence, ValueCentric's mission is to provide unprecedented market insights and enhanced business relationships through shared actionable information. An early pioneer in cloud-based services, ValueCentric's innovative technologies allow healthcare companies to leverage critical channel information to drive transformational decision making and business outcomes. ValueCentric has helped to reshape the face of healthcare intelligence by changing the scope, timeliness and accessibility of information resulting in improved business performance. Over 200 marquee customers from throughout the healthcare spectrum, including AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Bristol Myers trust ValueCentric.

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