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February 23, 2017 13:41 ET

Vancouver Aesthetic Doctor Offers Spring Skincare Tips

Vancouver aesthetic doctor advises changing skincare routine in spring to help stay fresh-faced

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - February 23, 2017) - The skincare professionals at the Kitsilano Medical Aesthetic Clinic understand that not everyone arrives in spring with a fresh, dewy glow. The icy gales, lack of sunlight, and prolonged exposure to artificial heat can leave the skin looking less than spectacular. To correct this, Dr. Roz Kamani recommends refreshing a few key products in your daily skincare regimen in the spring. For more, go to:

"To maintain skin in the winter, people often switch to products that deliver extra moisture, but it's important to stop this once the weather warms up," says Dr. Kamani, who specializes in professional Medical Aesthetic treatments and services. "The three products to focus on specifically are moisturizer, exfoliant, and sunblock."


In the winter, many people will use an extremely rich moisturizer that replenishes what the wind and cold weather strips away. However, in the spring these formulas will leave the skin looking greasy and clog up pores. Lighter formulas such as Daily Moisture by SkinCeuticals are recommended because they provide hydration and nourishment, without leaving behind a greasy residue.


A good exfoliant is a must to liven up a dull, wintry complexion, but beware of rough products that can tear or irritate the skin. Many exfoliants feature ingredients such as walnut shells or apricot pits, and this is a no-no, particularly if you have torn capillaries. Instead, Dr. Kamani suggests exfoliation serums like SkinCeuitcals Retexturing Activator -- a revolutionary resurfacing product that uses patented technology to promote proper renewal without irritating delicate skin.


Skin defence is a year-round necessity, but as people start to spend more time outside, it may be necessary to increase your SPF. Choosing the correct sunblock can be difficult. The face is more sensitive, so what works on the body may not work on the face. It's important to choose a formula that provides effective protection from photoaging.

"Remember, you shouldn't throw your old products out as you will likely need them next winter," says Dr. Kamani. "Most skincare products retain their effectiveness for about a year, so seal them tight and store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Do the same with your spring and summer products when winter arrives."

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