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January 17, 2018 19:04 ET

Vancouver Box Manufacturer Publishes Blog on Packaging Personal Care Items

New blog from Vancouver box manufacturer shares why box inserts are an elegant packing solution for subscription boxes

RICHMOND, BC--(Marketwired - January 17, 2018) - As a Vancouver box manufacturer, Racer Boxes supports all kinds of businesses in and around Vancouver. Besides manufacturing boxes for takeout, produce, garments, and electronics, they increasingly support the subscription box industry as well. That's why the latest company blog provides tips for packaging items that are pricey and breakable. For more, go to:

It's hardly surprising to note there's a big demand for personal care box subscriptions around the New Year. This is the time everyone wants to look their best. However, subscription entrepreneurs should consider how their items are packaged and presented.

According to the blog, good packaging doesn't only represent the brand and the products inside-it should also ensure the contents arrive safe and organized.

While old standbys like packing peanuts and shredded paper can keep contents safe, they won't win any points for presentation. Instead, the blog suggests that a custom box insert is a more elegant and effective way to make sure products arrive safely. For maximum impact, it even suggests adding some branding and design to the insert.

The blog goes on to describe how custom box printing is a surprisingly affordable option, especially compared to alternatives like litho labels, which are incredibly expensive. In fact, many large box manufacturers like Racer Boxes have the capacity to apply colour and design directly to the cardboard.

Ultimately, creating beautiful and effective subscription boxes takes a little care and consideration. It's important to think about how to represent a company and its products-and then come up with a design that combines both form and function.

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