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November 22, 2017 12:59 ET

Vancouver Box Manufacturer Says Brown is the New Green

Vancouver box manufacturer publishes blog explaining why cardboard box manufacturing is more environmentally responsible than people realize

RICHMOND, BC--(Marketwired - November 22, 2017) - As a box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes understands that environmental initiatives have become increasingly important for many businesses. However, when it comes to the environment, it's important to look at the big picture. Cardboard box manufacturing is a lot more environmentally responsible than most people realize. Racer Boxes explains the hows and whys in a new blog on their website. To learn more, go to:

For environmentally-savvy business owners looking for delivery options, corrugated cardboard boxes are an excellent solution. These boxes are mostly made of pine or birch pulp, which are fast growing and hardy trees compared to hardwoods. In other words, much of the raw material can be sustainably harvested from well-managed forests.

Additionally, corrugated cardboard boxes are extensively recycled. This means fewer trees are required to produce them. Even better, the recyclable nature of cardboard means less energy and resources go into harvesting and processing. In fact, most boxes are made up of between 70% and 90% recycled materials. This makes it one of the greenest solutions around-and when the boxes reach the end of their useful life, the cardboard is fully biodegradable.

Finally, cardboard is efficient to create in terms of energy. Since so much of it is recycled, not much is spent acquiring fresh materials. This also means reducing waste and costs of transportation.

When it comes to using cardboard, there's a positive ripple effect that affects the whole box making process, from manufacturing to end-of-life disposal. For businesses who need to deliver packages, cardboard boxes are a great way to green up your outlook.

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