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Angelo's FabriClean In-Home Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

December 29, 2016 18:00 ET

Vancouver Carpet Cleaner Talks Prep Work

Vancouver carpet cleaner offers tips on how to prep for a professional carpet cleaning

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - December 29, 2016) - Carpet cleaner Angelo Di Pomponio has been serving Vancouver and Burnaby for nearly 30 years. As an experienced cleaner, he works with clients who want to clean and freshen rugs and carpets to improve their longevity. While carpet cleaners typically handle all the work once they arrive at your home, there are a few steps homeowners can take to expedite the process.

  1. Clear and vacuum the carpeted area

Toys, plants, and anything else that covers the carpet should be temporarily moved. Clear the room of any fragile objects that may be dislodged by hoses and equipment. It's a good idea run the vacuum over the area to remove lose dirt and debris. This will allow the technician to focus on stains and ground in dirt.

  1. Check Your carpets

A good carpet cleaner will check the carpet before starting the job, drawing the homeowner's attention to any elements that may require extra attention or care. If you know what caused the stain, it's a good idea to tell the carpet cleaner as this can help them choose the best cleaning products for the job.

  1. Prepare Your family

Have a plan in place for children and pets. While Angelo's FabriClean uses eco-friendly products that are safe and non-toxic for children, pets, and allergy sensitive people, the noise and chaos can be upsetting to those who don't understand what's happening.

  1. Clear the driveway

A lot of equipment is involved when carpet cleaning. Let the carpet cleaner-or dispatcher-know where to park their vehicle if there's no driveway. A spot as close as possible to the front door is always preferable.

  1. Allow carpets to dry

When the carpet cleaner is done, it's likely that the floors will still be damp. Although the technician will have extracted most of the water, it will take some time to fully dry. Try to avoid walking on the carpets as any dirt may stick, undoing your investment. Instead, open the windows and periodically check the carpets to make certain they're dry before using the room.

Carpet cleaners work hard to get the best results and prevent accidents. By following a few simple steps, you can help ensure the experience will be positive and fast, with results that are professional and long-lasting.

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